Dallas Heard received appropriate treatment for being removed in the Oregon Senate for refusing to follow state and national CDC health and safety guidelines for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Folks who confuse politics with public safety are helping keep the deadly virus mutating and infecting. Public endangerment is a serious matter.

I feel sorry for his recalcitrant denial of the facts. He's misleading his constituents.

Diana Pace


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I'm drawing a blank -- what's Heard's vision for Oregon? What's he accomplished?


His only accomplishment has been miss information that caused people to die.



In re: "--what's Heard's vision for Oregon? What's he accomplished?" you nailed it: a blank. Two blanks.

Unless it's moving us back into the 13th Century.


Dallas Heard is a menace to public health, a hazard to the Oregon State Legislature, a bully, and an exemplar of today's Republican Party. I mean, honestly, when you see his face or hear his name, think: Republican.

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No one is immune, and even if he were immune, he can carry and spread the virus. You really should stop playing Scientist. Even scientists don't know for certain how this new variant will spread, and they admit it, but I'm sure that COVID once again thanks you, Wretch, for the disinformation that can do only harm to the millions of warm bodies that it calls hosts.

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Maks or Masks do work. Just because he had covid DOES NOT mean he is immune. Don't spread lies.

Huge bbfan

"Facts "? Hardly. There's no such thing as your truth. There is the truth and there is your opinion.


Well bbfan, you have gone below a bar that is unusually low. You made less sense than your usual inane ramblings. What the heck are you talking about?


I am sorry to say that Dallas is giving his constituents exactly what they want. That's what I find must distressing.

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Because they are intelligent and listen to the experts.

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Hello, NRT screener. Are you awake? You won't let the word cr*p slip through but "circle jerk" is okay? https://www.dictionary.com/browse/circle-jerk

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