I recently came across a website that shows all the bills for our State Legislature and how our representatives are voting. Check out https://gov.oregonlive.com/legislators/Dallas-Heard. There were 44 Bills so far and Dallas voted 'No' on 35 and 'Excused' on 9. I posted a question on his Facebook page on Monday asking why he was voting No on every Bill this year. He didn't answer me. Instead he just deleted my posting from his page. Why?

I now understand he put out a "press release" in early March that said he would vote No on everything until the Capitol is open to the public again. That press release isn't even on his legislative web page with his other press releases. Why not?

Dallas appears to prefer dramatic, yet empty, statements. Like ripping his mask off in the Capitol and voting No on everything.

The ONLY people hurt by voting No on everything is the citizens of Oregon. How about doing the real work of representing everyone by voting and answering their questions?

Please keep tabs on your representatives! Everyone should care what our tax dollars are getting us when we elect someone into office.

Please stay involved and express your support, or lack of support, for the issues you care about. We still have the power to vote and we should never take that for granted!

Teresa Downey


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So far there are 26 "loves' for the letter and no "angrys". Seems the consensus is that Heard is a fill-in-the-blank.


Heard can and will do whatever he wants. He's got daddy's money and the majority of voters behind him. He doesn't appear to be capable of making an informed decision, so maybe its a good thing he doesn't vote.


Dallas Heard is the poster boy for muscular ignorance, flaccid job performance, and reflexive oppositional defiant behavior. He is thus the apotheosis of the GQP. I expect him to be re-elected; we'll get what we deserve.

Marine Vet

When the next Elections come around. Let us All Hope that Good People will remember the Adolescence of ALL this County's Elected.!!!


Dallas Heard is just fine.

Marine Vet

How Sad. Just very very sad.


Well written letter that I completely agree with. I share the same questions and believe Dallas Heard only harms the citizens of SD1. We have no Senate representation in Salem.


[thumbup]Good letter, Teresa. It's important to add that Dallas Heard was rewarded for his childish, government blocking, selfish actions by being made the chairman of the State Republican Party, with the support of the local GOP. That's the same State GOP that called the January 6 capitol insurrection a 'false flag' operation. I have a hard time believing the majority of Republicans in Douglas County actually support this distortion of reality.


mworden, you are always kind. But in this case you are also wrong. 70% of the people in Douglas County voted for fake senator Heard. He NEVER replies to people who do not agree with his unhealthy, extremist views. He has NEVER had a town hall. He has NEVER showed up at a League of Women's Voters forum. Bluntly put, Senate District 1 does not have a representative in the Oregon senate. There is a fake senator but that is all. Quite frankly, if he doesn't want to do the job, he should resign. And the local GOP should insist that he does so. After all, the local republicans would get to choose his replacement (my guess is Brock-Smith) so it's not like they would give up an "R" seat.


NJ, you are right on most points and I agree with most of it, but not all of it.

In my experience, most voters never write letters, never attend town halls, don't go to the League of Women Voters or Chamber of Commerce forums and don't pay attention to what's really going on politically because they're too busy earning a living and raising families. They get most of their news off Facebook and Twitter and from friends. That's not just most Republicans, it's most Americans.

The state and local GOP have already shown they don't want Dallas to resign. They picked him as their leader. They like and admire him. The GOP has no obligation at all to pay attention to the 30% of voters who didn't choose Dallas to represent them. That's us. We belong to the 30%.

For Dallas and the GOP, voting "no" on every bill is a win-win for them. He gets to maintain his high and mighty stance about covid, plus his no votes don't harm him in any way. If a bill is put forward and advocated by the senate majority Dems, he would vote no as a matter of course. If it's a bi-partisan bill with lots of support on both sides he gets to vote no without it impacting the outcome. The only place it would cause trouble for him is if there was a GOP bill with Dem support that lost by his one vote. And that's not likely to happen.

What the local GOP should do, according to us, and what they're going to do are not ideas existing anywhere in the same universe. According to their lights, Dallas Heard is representing 70% of his constituents in the finest manner. It's their job to support and reward him because he represents what the local and state GOP leadership represent, which seems to be a conspiratorial conglomeration of false flags, Jewish space lasers, pandemic hoaxes and satanic pizza sexcapades.

It's our job to keep talking, keep protesting, keep saying that what he's doing is an insult to democracy and to real liberty. It's our job to recognize that the hard core leadership of the GOP has gone insane -- using a legal definition of insanity, which does not diagnose a mental illness. The old idea of legal insanity was not knowing the difference between right and wrong. In my opinion, the GOP leadership has lost the ability to know the difference. That's why they think it's right to suppress voting rights and wrong to wear a face mask during a pandemic. That's insanity.

However, I still believe that some or even most of the 70% who voted for Dallas Heard are regular decent folks who don't want to harm anyone and certainly don't want to harm life, liberty and the American way. They are not part of the insane clown posse that is now the Republican leadership, even if they carry an R after their names on voter registration.

Dallas perfectly represents the current GOP leadership. They want to keep him. To them, he is a shining light. Maybe by the time the next election rolls around, the decent, hard-working, regular citizens around here will want someone more reasonable, honest and caring to represent them.

One can hope.


Whoa, one can hope that I'm properly oriented, melrosereader. Sorry about that.


Beautiful mworden. Perfectly said.




Thank you for your support and I tip my hat to you with a smile and a chuckle under my mask.


Couldn’t agree with you more!


I wonder why Senator Heard did NOT vote no on $255,313 of federal Paycheck Protection Program money his family business received.

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