Kudos to my state senator, Dallas Heard, for recently standing up to the Democrat left wing progressives who currently dominate the Oregon Legislature. ("Heard again removed over mask;" The News-Review, Dec. 15.)

"Oooohhh, Senator Heard refused to wear a mask" (although he did comply with the completely unscientific and ridiculous "six-foot-rule") while trying to perform the duties for which thousands of his constituents (we the people) elected him to do (i.e., be our voice before the government)! According to the Oregon State legislative majority (democrats), he is obviously one of "those guys." Most likely a Christian, respects the U.S. Constitution, believes in the rule of law and has family values. Such a bad man.

By now though, nearly two years into the insanity brought upon us by an unelected bureaucrat named Dr. Anthony Fauci (i.e. Mr. "I am science"), it is more than obvious that the COVID Plandemic is just that: a total charade. I'm sure the "fact checkers" will be all over that statement despite the recent Supreme Court ruling that Big Tech's "fact checking" is no more than some idiot's single opinion which has been continuously used by the Left to censor alternative view points which are contrary to the Left's narrative; not to mention the First Amendment.

Anyhow, I digress. In my opinion all American citizens (not just Senator Heard) should be standing up to this authoritarian government as Senator Heard has done. And every car driving by VA along Garden Valley every Saturday morning should be loudly cheering on and honking their car horns in support of those patriots. At least they are making an effort to express their love for this country and the displeasure of the marxist mentality that is blatantly thrown in our face everyday by those in Salem and Washington D.C.

So, if you disagree with Senator Heard's protest on the Senate floor, please take a moment to reconsider the real facts of this pandemic (with a 98.9% recovery rate) and weigh the same against any unfounded fears which may be causing you to allow your God-given rights of freedom to be stolen from you without a single protest. Dallas Heard is my hero!

Loren Simonis


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Heard = irresponsible. Acts like a two year old. Grow up little boy.

From the Oregonian https://www.oregonlive.com/opinion/2021/12/readers-respond-sen-heard-acted-irresponsibly.html


If Dallas Heard really wanted to work for his constituents then he would do so. Instead he acts like a carnival barker, throwing out theatrics yo fan the flames of partisan bickering and division. This isn't leadership.


Loren, your numbers are misleading. At the peak of the pandemic in the U.S., the case fatality rate was about 6% (and It was 14% in Italy). Now, thanks to better diagnosis and better treatments, and *due to vaccination, which markedly reduces mortality rates*, the case fatality rate is around 1.4-1.6%; but this rate will decrease ever more, as more people are vaccinated and boosted and as Omicron marches through the population. (We will have a lot more cases, and a lot more deaths, but the case fatality rate will drop due to, well, *math*.)

But your statement is most misleading, not because you misstate the current numbers just a bit, but because you neglect all outcomes other than death, and regard everyone who had Covid but did not die of it (yet) as having "recovered". Nobody who had, say, both legs amputated is ever properly recovered; nobody on oxygen for the rest of their life; nobody's who's had a massive stroke, massive myocardial infarction; nobody who's living with "brain fog" so dense they cannot function in society or go back to work. Nobody who survived ECMO and a double-lung transplant, on immunosuppression, and bankrupt from medical bills.

These are just some of the *nobody*, *"recovered*" people you ignore. There are already millions of them. And you are encouraging more.


I just saw a nice "home for Christmas" human interest story on television. A young woman just made it home after more than seven months in hospital and a heart-double-lung transplant; she's one of Loren's "recovered" population. Her mom is not.

D Steel

My heros are low information voters, those bashing their heads against a wall and QAnon supporters. Why? Only because they make me laugh out loud!


Good letter - and I totally agree!!!


Captain Covid to the rescue


There is no such thing as a God-given right. That is just a fantasy made up by people who don't know what real problems are.


The COVID Plandemic is just that: a total charade...with a 98.9% recovery rate (actually its 97.8%)." Tell that to the 312 families so far who've lost love ones to this terrible and terribly preventable disease.


Loren, read this: https://www.nrtoday.com/eedition/page-a4/page_b55bbc6c-3d95-578f-8868-2c8a46dab0c6.html


Loren...Dallas Heard is your hero? It takes more than juvenile pig-headedness and hiding from common sense to impress me, but it's okay with me if you are impressed with such deeds.


Loren, based upon your writing, I have no doubt that Heard is your hero. The virus has such allies. You are many. Legion, in fact.

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