I want to thank our left-leaning forum friends for their spirited defense of President Joe Biden.

However, to balance the discussion, I would like to offer some polling data that show a remarkable collapse of confidence in the present administration.

In the most recent USA Today/Suffolk University poll, Biden has an approval rating of just 37.8%.

Even worse, Vice President Kamala Harris' approval rating now stands at 27.8%, a full 10 points lower than our president.

By a 7:1 ratio, independent voters said that Biden is doing a worse job than expected.

In an earlier poll, 59% of respondents said they believed Biden would be unable to complete his first term and 38% believe him to be suffering from some form of impaired mental capacity.

If you go to "Election Betting Odds," you will see that only 15% of people believe President Biden will be reelected in 2024.

As troublesome as these polls might be for some readers, it is the relentlessly downward direction of the data that should be even more worrisome.

Roger Shaffer


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Poll numbers are terrible prediction of the future (see first two year poll numbers for Reagan and Clinton).

Here's a better question. Is the nation better off this Thanksgiving than last? Here's a few changes.

Change Last T-Day v This T-Day

Vaccinated 0 ppl 200 mil

Unemployed 20 mil 2 mil

Climate invest $0 Lgst ever

See fam/friend 14% 67%


Roger, I agree that his poll numbers are down, but that is not a reflection of his performance. People are rightly worried about their pocketbooks and the rising inflation numbers, but that phenomenon cannot be tied to the executive branch or the congress. It's something that is happening in this Nation's worst pandemic. But thanks for the level-headed balance that you bring with your letter and the excellent points that members of both parties should reasonably consider.


In a poll taken in early November 2020, nearly 100% of the people voting for Biden thought he was a better choice than Donald Trump.

In a poll taken on January 7th 2021, all the people who voted for Biden, and many who voted for the incumbent, totally understood that Trump and his people are challenged with honesty and integrity, proving the poll taken in early November of 2020 to be true and sound.

Today, most people realize that polls don't mean much, but that having a White House that seems motivated to making improvements for the country trumps a White House that was trying to promote Fascism and conspiracy theories for the benefit of just one person.

Next big presidential poll: early November of 2024. Who knows, maybe the Republicans can come up with a decent candidate, otherwise...well, you live in a blue state, so that's where your vote is going. Don't like it? -- Work toward Electoral College reform.


As the effects of the Biden agenda are better appreciated, polls will change. Medicare and Social Security and Obamacare all took a while to become more popular. Here's a bit of what's in the latest law:



Trump's average Approval during his 4 years in the White House 41% A record low!!

He left the job with a 34% approval.


It's funny Roger you didn't say a stinking thing.

One other thing Roger you were a Character Matters" person. That is until Donald Trump came to town and you swallowed your morals.

Over 500,000 jobs created last month. If that happened under Trump you would be screaming it at the top of your lungs.

In my humble opinion you are a hypocrite and a phony!

Those growing concerns are what the right wing media tells you and like Pavlov's dog you salivate.


Heck with polling data. The Democrats had a significant opportunity to solidify their base and have totally blown it. I can go on and on about the things I don't like about where the Republican Party is going. But it is almost mind blowing how poorly the Democrats have used what power they had to misrepresent their constituents.

1. With its various factions, Democrats have increasingly less solidarity in their own party to get important and desired bills passed.

2. Democrats spend increasing energy on passing bills not desired by the majority of their constituents and more importantly, spending much less energy on issues deemed more important.

3. Democrats have done a horrible job describing to public taxpayers what actually is in the various $trillion bills they seek to pass. Any politician asking us to trust them is not going to be widely accepted.

4. With mid-term elections less than a year away, it appears Democrats will soon lose their power to push through their agenda, something more and more Americans are OK with.

5. And my pet peeve; why wasn't increased taxes on corporations and those making over $400,000 per year the very first stand alone bill approved as promised over and over again before the election? Tying it to other infrastructure and build back better bills is a recipe for disaster.

6. The January 6 Committee is making a mockery out of the investigation. It appears more and more likely Republicans will be able to run out the clock on the investigation before any meaningful actions are taken to protect future elections from a repeat.

7. Abortion. Need I say more?

8. If Democrats lose the mid-term elections as appears likely, more right leaning Supreme Court Justices will be appointed.

9. And on and on.


Mike, I think the Dems in disarray assertion is wrong. We passed the American Rescue Plan with all Dems and no Rs. We passed the infrastructure bill with nearly all Dems and a minority of Rs. The House will pass the reconciliation bill and only 2% (or maybe 4%) of Senate Dems are currently in doubt--and I kinda think they'll come along. And the line items of all of those bills are very popular among Americans; it's not something they oppose.

I share your frustration at failure (thus far*) to increase taxes on the super-rich and corporations. Ditto failure to codify Roe v Wade. But "thus far" isn't really very far at all. There's still more than three years left of this first term, and more than a year of this Congress. (Yes, I am familiar with the calendar; and history. But still: you will recall the late-late-late appointment of Barrett and other last-moment executive actions in tfg's admin.)


Unless something changes in the next year of this Congress, someone becomes a leader, I give the likelihood of the reconciliation bill and the voting rights bill passing at slim to none. Unlike the Republicans, the Democratic party is not inspired by its leadership and hasn't been for years. Democratic representatives aren't even able to reach agreement among themselves let alone the other party. If they can't even figure out among their own party how to raise taxes on the rich, how are Democratic leaders going to protect our Democratic Republic from Trump fascism? I certainly have my doubts.


Gosh, Roger, I sure as heck do appreciate your sincere concern.

But Golly, Gee.

I just checked the calendar. November 8, 2022 is (*checks notes*) still a touch less than a year away.

For June through September, the Bureau of Labor Statistics missed 626,000 jobs; this is a huge number--since you are so very concerned about some numbers--and while jobs numbers were underestimating growth, polls found approval of President Joe Biden’s handling of the economy dropping; that's history, now.

Yes, people are concerned about inflation; but those forces appear to be easing already; similarly, ports are clearing out the backlog, and more goods are being sold than ever before in our history.

Covid-19 still kills over 1,000 Americans a day--in fact, nearly three 9/11s every week, but these *numbers* are currently improving. (Could get worse in winter and resistance by idjits).

Trump is beset by criminal and civil issues, as are other prominent Republicans; I expect his name in multiple courts in the weeks before Nov 8. I'll pop some corn.

Republicans are gerrymandering, but fish swim and birds fly, so it's Wednesday.

Harris' rotten numbers are a product of secular changes along with racism and sexism. Those are worrisome, here in 2021.

I'm worried about increasing threats of violence by RWNJs today, tomorrow, and the days following. I'll let you know when I get worried about polling a couple months out from elections.

Meanwhile: enjoy infrastructure week!


The V-P is lousy and it has nothing whatsoever to do with her race/sex. I'm an American Indian woman and I could a better job in my spare time....


It is interesting to see one of our conservative friends posting polling data to predict the future. I would suggest chicken bones or interesting shaped rocks would be great alterative tools for prediction.

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