This is a response to John Hunter’s Feb. 9 letter criticizing Douglas County Government:

Dear John,

If you’re considering a run for commissioner, you need to accept the hard truth — you’re not our type. You are a mouth-piece for Umpqua Watersheds and therefore you bear responsibility for the Archie Creek Fire as well as the many similar coming-events. Your beloved environmental NGO’s are also responsible for our county’s potential insolvency. And speaking of a need for honesty, your disruptive-approach in regard to public-meetings is partly responsible for the denial of public-comment at commissioners’ meetings.

Now, in regard to your criticism of the commissioners’ narrative that our county should be “run like a business”, with an emphasis on “customer service:” this is a carbon-copy of a directive sent to all USFS federal forest managers a few years back. Apparently all this entails is providing inadequate customer service … to county’s like ours … and bend-over-backwards customer service to groups like yours. It’s no coincidence that you criticize our financially-damaged county government, while quietly enjoying the empowerment yielded to your groups by Alice Carlton and her District Rangers. Umpqua Watersheds may consider that to be “customer service”, but I personally do not. This is the exact same type of “customer service” that you criticize in your letter, John. It serves one side only, and in the case of the Umpqua National Forest, it serves only groups like yours who have worked diligently with cohorts in our state and federal governments to destroy the financial well-being of Douglas County. This is not the result of “environmentalism,” it’s the beginning of “communism.”

And now, with the leftist take-over of all three branches of our federal government, this type of one-sided “customer service” will advance your cause even further. How much of what’s left needs to burn…just to satisfy you?

Todd Vaughn


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(5) comments


Todd can't count the number of days required between letters.

Todd can't count the number of branches of government controlled by Democrats (who, by the way, number far more than do Republicans).


I see that the N-R prints some letters from the same people without that mandatory wait....

Marine Vet

This the same Todd that thought since people in Oregon VOTED to raise taxes on Cig's & Vape's He'd scream Taxation w/o Representation.? The Vote didn't get Stolen Only Common Sense was.


Please, someone, find Todd's meds ! He is becoming more delusional with each passing day. How can the News Review allow him to print so many falsehoods ?


Todd, didn't you just publish a Jesus letter about four days ago? I thought people had to wait two weeks to get published again. Well, maybe Jesus will help you out with a few of those facts you seem to be short on. I think you got most of that LTE wrong. But I don't know for sure. I will get back to you after I call the Umpqua Watershed and ask them what exactly John Hunter has to do with them. Do you know who runs the Umpqua Watershed? I don't. Do they have a board of directors? If so, who is on that board? You seem do know a lot about this Umpqua Watershed. Could you please explain to me what they do. From your letter to John Hunter I did not understand at all the purpose of the Umpqua Watershed or John Hunter's role in the organization. I would like some clarification on the connection between John and this organization. Thank you.

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