Congressman Peter DeFazio’s political opponents have been tossing around buzzwords on infrastructure like candy at a parade. But don’t let false allegations of “socialism” and “illegal spending” fool you. (In a recent meeting I heard someone say “Kindness is being mistaken for Socialism” ... I agree). Congressman DeFazio’s infrastructure agenda is fully-funded, bipartisan, and approved by 56 percent of Americans — and features some of the biggest investments in Oregon jobs and infrastructure in U.S. history.

You can look at just a handful of the provisions in the most recent infrastructure proposal, and decide for yourself if they seem too radical:

* Sweeping investments in urban and rural transportation

* Rebuilding rural bridges to ensure constituent safety

* Expanding broadband access and electricity infrastructure to remote and rural communities

* Enforcing safety regulations across all transportation modes

* Addressing and preventing the effects of climate change

The only people these policies will hurt are corrupt politicians and the special interests that fund them. Instead of concern for those folks, Democrats are working to invest in their constituents and those communities that need help the most.

Once again Congressman DeFazio has proven himself to be hard at work for the people of Douglas County and the 4th Congressional District. Unfounded accusations won’t stop him from delivering for Oregon voters. I am so grateful for a congressman that shows up, does his homework and delivers for us. This is called good governance.

Connie Page


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DeFazio is a joke.


And every joke needs a butt. Thank you for playing.


Pete DeFazio has done nothing for the majority of Oregonians. His only interest is the elite in Portland and Salem and pacifying the corporations and special interest groups who fund his campaigns. Pete Defazio is one of the corrupt politicians and you would know this if you watched something besides the very lowly rated CNN.


dljones: that is absurd. At a very local, personal level, DeFazio does yeoman's work for individual constituents. Go to his web page or call his office if you have any problem dealing with any government agency; he responds to everyone, and is especially effective for veterans; I know this from experience. At a policy level, though, is where DeFazio comes through, for all of us--including right here in a county that often opposes our own self interest. He's better than we deserve.


When I had veterans, elders and disabled folks running into brick walls when it came to receiving Social Security, SSI or Veterans benefits, Peter DeFazio was always willing to hear the story, look at the details and break down those brick walls when it was deserved.

Most of the folks I worked with were low-income, some downright poverty stricken. They were certainly not "elites" of any kind. They didn't keep good records and some had checkered pasts. Very rough around the edges. They had no idea how to approach government bureaucracies. But if they'd served their country or paid into Social Security or if they'd gotten screwed over by some federal agency because they couldn't follow the paperwork, Peter made sure they got the services they had coming. He cares.


do you want to add facts or continue down the slippery slope of lying like so many Republicans, Fox News (who in court have announced that they are entertainment and not credible news), and other conservatives sources who use if we lie enough people will think it is true! I saw one ad in the last campaign about DeFazio yacht It would be nice to have the paper follow up and show us where Peter lives in DC and how much it costs! I think many will be shocked how cost effective it is for living in DC area! Your area is well placed politically in this infrastructure deal! Might open eyes and do your own research and not follow the old White Republicans who want to wheeled power!

Huge bbfan

Too funny!


Good letter, Connie[thumbup]


Exactly! Peter DeFazio is working hard for people in his district. As Chair of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, he has the power to deliver on the hard infrastructure we need, and all the jobs and economic stimulation that attend building projects. Broadband where I live is dicey, and the electric grid flakey. Rural Oregon will prosper when we get better infrastructure.


And Skarlatos has done...what? The monetized train thing doesn't count.

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