Jasmine Geyer has instigated an effort to recall Brian West and Curt Stookey. Neither of these men have violated any part of their promise to serve the Winston-Dillard School District responsibly. Instead, they chose to refuse to follow the demands of a newly elected board member who seems to think that she has the power to demand that her views be adhered to. Her sole focus on the board is for the WDSD to defy Governor Brown’s mandates on masks and vaccinations. She has refused to vote on district business during board meetings solely because she wanted a vote on the mask issue. She has tried several times to instigate an executive meeting to discuss Superintendent Miller’s employment with the district, but has failed to receive enough votes to accomplish this.

The question before the voters in the WDSD is simply this. Do we want to keep qualified, dedicated people on the School Board or do we want to let a single-minded, radical board member control what happens in our district? If you are approached to sign something to support this recall, just say “No!”

Additionally, backed by statistical data from Douglas County, masks do help keep the number of new infections down. On June 30 the 7-day average for new cases in Douglas County was 9. After that day masks were no longer required until the first part of September. On September 7 the 7-day average was 124. As we began wearing masks again, the 7-day average of new cases began to drop. September 14 it was 104, September 21 it was 65, and September 28 we were down to 47. Protect our children, protect our community. Wearing a mask correctly will get a handle on this virus and ease the stress on our medical community.

Marlys Hobson


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Smart A

Looking forward to signing a recall petition for Mrs. Geyer in a couple months. We need Board members who care about our kids serving in these positions.


What Douglas County really needs to do is recall the entire bunch of Citizen for Tyranny businesses led by Senator Heard, of which Mrs. Geyer is a Board Member and Secretary. Citizens for Tyranny specifically organized on their Facebook page to get several members elected to Douglas County School Boards last November. Some school board elections had several proud Citizens for Tyranny members running against one another. They were successful getting elected on several boards.

You can recall Citizens for Tyranny by choosing to boycott those 100+ member businesses in Douglas County.


Greg Norman

Thank you for sharing your opinion. Clearly, Mrs. Geyer's intentions are politically motivated and display a lack competency and decorum. As many have stated, her actions are focused on dividing our community and are anything but centered on the well-being of our children. I am grateful for both Mr. West and Mr. Stookey's contributions to our schools and kids and will not be signing a petition for their recall.


[thumbup] Marlys Hobson...your opinion makes sense. The opinions of the duo of Jasmine Geyer and Derek Brown, are a political diversion,

and smell more like personal agenda byproducts. To willfully subvert public safety in a time of this pandemic is not just wrong, it's incompetent.

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