May I offer a slight rejoinder? During the Eisenhower tax tables were far higher than now and the debt was far lower, and we were not afraid to tackle big projects. That was my point, and it stands.

If not for Ike we would still driving on mediocre roads. The right wing of today would have apoplexy over a bill that size! Trouble is the right is firmly glued to trump's backside for fear of losing a primary to a further Right wing wingnut.

"Dr. No" in the Senate has taken a position of sucking his thumb instead of participating in a political dialog and actually doing the work he was sent to congress to do.

"Don't believe your lyin' eyes "is the new theme of the gutless wonders in the right hand seats in Congress. The traitors who collaborated with the insurrectionists who aided in the invasion of congress and refused to ratify the election and now deny the facts need to be expelled and dealt with through the revitalized Justice Dept. The shell of a Republican Party needs to climb back from the brink of Fascism. Their schtick of denying an election because their putative leader is still whining about the last election. The man stirred all this mess up because he was taught never to admit defeat. The scary thing is all the followers who believe the Big Lie. The Trump followers need to get used to Trump in an orange jump suit and prison haircut. That is a satisfying thought! The criminal proceedings in Georgia, for election tampering, and the combined criminal tax fraud in New York are gathering steam. For those new to the subject I recommend changing channels to a news outlet.

David Grant


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The only people acting like Fascists these days are Democrats.


Nice one Rise. you pulled out the ole classic "I know you are but what am I"?


Republicans had an opportunity to climb back after the election. They had another opportunity to climb back after the impeachment. They just refused an opportunity to climb back after stopping the establishment of a Jan. 6 investigative panel. When 6 months of grand jury investigation completes in November, should there be indictments, they will have another opportunity to climb back. There will be another 12 months during which there could be conviction of crimes a final remaining opportunity to climb back before the mid-term elections. If they don't do it by then, their only intent was to always be ruled by a king of their own making, a useful idiot in their intended goal to establish a Fascist country.


NJ: I think it's unlikely that there will be significant convictions before November 2022. I hope I am wrong. Otherwise, I concur.


I think you're right, this will drag out forever. When anything goes to trial I'll bet ya lunch information on testimony will damning and provoke more flames from the dumpster fire of right-wing media. Speaking of, here's FOX again, with their 'who would believe us, we're entertainment and in it for the just the money' nonsense.

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