This COVID-19 prevention business has brought this country to a climatic point unparalleled in our countries’ history. Too many of those in positions of authority have vastly exceeded and abused the authority granted them by the voters themselves. “Mandates” have been issued purportedly to control the spread of COVID-19 but too often issued without regard to proven and accepted scientific or medical research. Instead, for political reasons they, far too often, have exceeded the authority given them by the voters.

The CDC, itself. once a respected institution, seems now to be more guided by PC values than well researched, useful data, and has issued conflicting, confusing guidance. Now, even “our nation’s Surgeon General doesn’t rule out extending the vaccine mandate to small businesses with fines that could reach tens of thousands of dollars per violation. That would be a real job killer. How do we “build back better” with that?

Currently, Illegal aliens are seldom if ever tested, vaccinated or quarantined. Instead, tax payers are paying for these illegal’s to be flown all over the U.S. and be deposited surreptitiously in towns and cities all over our country where they can potentially infect us all. This is not right or fair by any measure!

The Chinese Communist (the Communist Party leaders, not the Chinese people) must be having a good laugh at our situation. They are making money just on the millions of mask alone they are selling us. Plus, all the mayhem they have cost us over the last 18 months in countless categories i.e. medical, businesses, travel, education, economics, social etc. It wasn’t enough that they have damaged us over the last few decades thru their well documented theft of intellectual properties and trade agreements that have strongly favored China. COVID-19 is a new but effective style of attack on us by a foreign power and encompasses a lot of issues that affect all of us. It demands rational and effective response by those in charge.

David Sayers


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Ms. Pellegrino-Reid

I wonder if you objected to the Polio Vaccine? 194 countries shut down and went as bancrupt as America dealing with the global pandemic, science is , as any scientist knows, an evolution of data, it can take years to understand and gather all the data and find conculusions not only to what this virus is, how it formed, how it mutates, it's cell growth, DNA vs RNA, since it hit us over a year ago, the scientists have been working double time to get the answers, sorry if you do not understand science, it can be a hard subject to comprehend. If your seeking one word and one way answers leave the research to brilliant minds like scientists. If your pissed about mandates, feel however you will, mandates are laws, like it or not, as relavant as constitutional and state laws. COVID is a virus, RNA , meaning it does not need to take two extra steps to replicate to the nucleus, it needs one step, get on your skin and then it can replicate. It is simpler and yet more complex as it can replicate and deviate and multiply much faster than a DNA driven virus. Time is of the essence and politicizing this epidemic, one all 194 countries responded to with ample and similar actions, because it is deadly, COVID is not the Democratic Party or a Socialist Movement, it is a lethal virus able to take out millions and shall if people don't stop reacting out of anger to the inconvience of wearing a mask and keeping a 6 foot distance. It reminds me, the people standing in defiance to this crisis like batters when they get a restraining order against them for assualting thier significant others, If I can't have them, or my way, no one can. Please everyone politicizing this virus and their angst against stopping it with logic and reason, a vaccine, break up with yourself already. We are tired of funerals we cannot attend to loved one's felled by this virus cause your taking a temper tantrum and want your life to resume to normal. This is not the first pandemic and it won't be the last. Get used to being responsible adults and getting inconvenienced. Perhaps we have not gone far enough, perhaps we need anti vaxer camps to put those of you endangering the lives of us, reasonable people , in to protect you and us, your a danger to yourself and others. There is a case to make with that but it would be akin to fascism and I would not go along with that but maybe , if you all continue in this vein, we reasonable people might have to resort to such measures to keep the rest of us out of harms way. Ponder that.




Good to hear from you, Tracy.[thumbup]


When does this nonsense stop? Not for a long time. Another surge of Covid is coming this winter, Covid is for real, and it's far from over.


David Sayers: It wasn't "[t]his COVID-19 prevention business," that, "has brought this country to a climatic point..." It's the burning of fossil fuels, agriculture, and other human activities that brought us to this climatic point.

Oh. I see. You meant, "climactic" rather than "climatic"; I see. Well, you're wrong about all the rest, too--"facts", logic, grammar, syntax, etc. I do hope you will enlighten us about contrails, borax baths, microchips, magnetism, and the etiology of ovarian cysts, as well.


Nonsense you say. How about facts?

Douglas County’s 210 avoidable Covid deaths since April 19, 2021 when the vaccine was made available to everyone is higher than all other Oregon Counties. Even the counties with 8 times Douglas County’s population.

Douglas County’s 245 deaths per 100,000 residents are 3rd highest in Oregon and rising rapidly. There are only 15 countries in the world that have a higher per capita Covid death rate than Douglas County.

Douglas County’s 2.2% of Covid cases that result in death is the 3rd highest county in Oregon, resulting in almost 5 deaths per week for Douglas County.

Stede Bonnet

The obvious answer to the question, "When does it stop?" is no one knows. Assuming we don't have another super spreader variant like the Delta, things will start to approach normal when enough people get vaccinated, or survive an infection, to achieve herd immunity. In the meantime, you can take care for yourself, your family and your fellow Americans by getting vaccinated and following community health guidelines. This has worked many times in the past, but if you need a refresher - just ask yourself when was the last time you met someone in this country suffering from polio or smallpox.



You forgot contrails.


A FOIA was just finally recognized by the CDC about how many people have had the virus and recovered - or have natural immunity. They say they don't know how many people that would be - HUH??? If you take the number of people supposedly listed as having the virus, minus the ones who they say got it and died, leaves you with that number, doesn't it? So how can they LIE and say they don't have any idea as to how many people are now no longer able to spread the virus, etc.?


David Sayer, your letter is straight out of the Fox News propaganda playbook.

"A new study has reached an obvious conclusion: People who rely primarily on Fox News for their information are more likely to believe dangerous falsehoods about the pandemic.

The Kaiser Family Foundation study asked viewers of Fox, CNN, MSNBC, network news and local news whether they believed seven common myths about the pandemic. Viewers of Fox were more likely to believe in falsehoods like government conspiracies to overstate the number of coronavirus deaths and understate the number of vaccine-related deaths, or that there are microchips in the coronavirus vaccines, or that infertility or DNA changes have been attributed to the vaccines."

-St. Louis Post Dispatch Editorial from yesterday.


OregonTrail88, you have been brainwashed by the CNN and ABC lies and propaganda. Fox is accurate and truthful and if you would open your eyes and ears you would realize the truth. Covid19 has been used as a tool to take our freedom and liberties away, but guess what? Conservatives are fighting back and exposing their lies. David Sayer's letter is spot just can't handle the truth.


Newsflash to dljones...

This ain't about me.

I didn't do the study. Kaiser did.

I didn't write the editorial. A newspaper from Missouri did.

Stede Bonnet

Accurate and truthful?

Speaking at a Morgan Stanley investor conference, Murdoch said Fox News stood to benefit from Biden's presidency because the network would act as "the loyal opposition" to his administration.

"The main beneficiary of the Trump administration from a ratings point of view was MSNBC ... and that’s because they were the loyal opposition," Murdoch said of the rival cable network. "That’s what our job is now with the Biden administration, and you’ll see our ratings really improve from here."

These are not the words of someone running a news organization that is "accurate and truthful", but they are the words of someone catering to stockholders. And brother, that ain't you or me.

Scott Mendelson

Terrible tyrants don't generally act in the interest of keeping their population healthy. When despots rob citizens of their freedom and liberties, it is to take away their lands and possessions, or to press them into military service to further bolster their power and acquire even more slaves from neighboring lands to do their bidding. What do these "terrible people" have to gain from you by mandating masks and vaccines? Are they doing all this only to make you look weak and foolish? How awful! They are only forcing you to not make other people sick. Your suggestion that their purpose is to take away your freedom and liberty is ridiculous.

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