I am proud to support Erica Mills for UCC Board of Education. A few years ago, I had the honor to serve as chair of the UCC Board of Education (then called the UCC Board of Trustees). To serve the college well, it takes dedication, professionalism, and a keen ability to understand the role UCC plays in helping build a thriving economy and community. Erica exhibits those traits and more.

The amount of time and effort dedicated to select our new college president was a monumental accomplishment. Unlike the past, the board decided to fully “own” the search instead of relying on a consultant. This was a very good decision given the professionalism Erica brought to the effort as well as her dedication, resulting in a tremendous time commitment from Erica and others. I was proud to see the Board of Education decide that they could not just do the same thing the college has always done. Well done. Selection of a new college president and subsequent oversight is the most important task of the UCC Board of Education. The continuity of the current Board and new president will do great things for our college and community…the next four years are pivotal.

Erica is passionate about supporting a thriving local economy and community. She has delivered her passion through expanding CTE, Workforce Development, and nursing, to improve the job readiness and employment capacity. Local business owners need a trained and educated workforce pool from which to recruit. Local workers need good jobs to support their families. Through Erica’s leadership, she also led unanimous board support for the arts which is a critical and important link into our community.

Please join me in supporting Erica Mills to keep our local economy and community top of mind at UCC!

Elin D. Miller


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Somewhat ironic or really pathetic is that at the very same time that the Rogue Retreat identified a need for shelter for homeless UCC students, the college is moving to take over Casa De Belen's mismanaged homeless shelter to house UCC basketball players.


Oh heck NO! Anyone who support closing a homeless shelter so the UCC athletes can have housing needs to go!

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