Of the 21 new laws listed in a report Jan. 1, 2022, in The Oregonian, 16 were approved by an overwhelming majority in both the state Senate and the state House of Representatives. The new laws address everything from public meetings law to affordable housing, racial equity to police reform and more. It is encouraging to see that our legislators in Salem could put aside partisan differences for the benefit of the people they serve.

With at least one glaring exception. While there are thirty state senators, the vote tally for that legislative body never reached that number. As we in Douglas County are well aware, the person who was elected to represent us in the state Senate, Dallas Heard, refused to vote. Consequently, our voice was never heard.

In Douglas County, in round numbers, there are 32,000 registered Republicans, 16,000 registered Democrats, and 29,000 non-affiliated voters. One must conclude that our lack of representation in the Oregon senate lies squarely at the feet of the local Republican Party. It is also clear that only the local Republican Party has the means to call for Mr. Heard’s resignation, and to find a person to replace him who will show up and vote.

Pat Sherman


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Huge bbfan

The legal citizens of Oregon haven't been represented in Oregon government for 30 years.

Dallas is the only politician in Oregon who is speaking for us.


Legal citizens of Oregon all get to vote. People here illegally can't vote. That's the way it works. If someone like Heard only gets elected every thirty years, that's a good thing.


Rank choice voting is the right idea, but it requires that voters think for themselves. Party affiliation just dumbs everything down. Just look at the growth of NAV's in Oregon in recent years. I take that as a sign people are getting smarter about politics. The Republican party is toast in Oregon, except in areas that are fast becoming irrelevant, like Douglas County. Heard will only hasten their demise.


If we had a local Republican Party that was ready, willing and able to talk sense to Dallas Heard and set him on the right track, then things would be fine in Douglas County. But that's not what we have.

Dallas was selected to be the chair of the Republican Party of Oregon. He's the Top Dawg Republican in the entire state. He's also the archetype of what the GOP wants these days.

When the time comes, it will be up to the voters to decide what kind of leadership we deserve. A lot can change between now and 2024.


Dallas Heard represents the Republican Party pretty near perfectly. He's in it for himself, he doesn't believe in working; work is for the "little people" and he's way too important for that. Older people who might be concerned about COVID-19 are "filthy traitors" and Dallas has the right to expose his colleagues to the virus.

Work, schmork. Dallas inherited wealth. And he gets paid--taxpayer dollars--while not working. Nice gig.

Dallas Heard is the head of the Oregon Republican Party. Heck: he *is* the party, incarnate.



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