Is there no bottom for expenses?

Many older people in Oregon are retired and have Medicare to pay for this.

I heard by ear that Oregon's so-called governor is going to give all of the illegal aliens in Oregon "free" Medicare.

Don't take my word for this, do your own research and see what you can find on this.

She knows but does not care that many of us are on very limited incomes.

Does she ever stop to think the people of Oregon supply all of her needs and wants?

Do you think for once that she is going to give some of her fat income to support the expense of this Medicare gift?

Oh, yes, she will just raise taxes on all of us to pay for this Medicare gift.

Then do you think that she will try to look as innocent as the critter that ate the widow woman's canary?

We just have to take all of the messes one day at a time and continue to survive the best we can.

Neva Gray Haley


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Everyone needs to pay something - and I don't see why costs cannot be charged on an ability-to-pay basis.


So close Neva but Medicare and Medicaid are two different programs. A summary of Oregon's current law. There is no law covering adults is a bill yet. It's in the legislative process, mmmkay? "Undocumented immigrants are not eligible to enroll in Medicaid or CHIP or to purchase coverage through the ACA Marketplaces. Medicaid payments for emergency services may be made on behalf of individuals who are otherwise eligible for Medicaid but for their immigration status." "The state of Oregon has decided it is important that all children and teens in the state have health care, even those who are not legal residents. That's why they now provide health care, at no charge, to eligible children and teens under age 19 (including pregnant teens), regardless of immigration status."


You got a lot backwards. A bottom for expenses would be a good thing, right? And you are writing about Medicaid, not Medicare, right?

Oregon has a governor--not a "so-called" governor.

And, really, it's best to do a fact-check instead of whining about something you "heard by ear"--how else do you hear?

And so on.


Well, you are kinda correct. It's proposed legislation, for which Brown has a positive opinion of.

But it's Medicaid -- not Medicare.


Actually, Medicare for All would be good for our nation. And please don't use the word, "free"; of course it's not; there is no free lunch.

Fact is, though, improved Medicare for All--universal coverage, no caps, co-pays, or deductibles, and full coverage for dental, psych, meds, would be cheaper for our nation and result in better care.

"Even the Mercatus Center, a right-wing think tank, recently found about $2 trillion in net savings over 10 years from a single-payer Medicare for All system. "

Further: if you understand, correctly, that there is no free lunch, and if you believe--as Republicans repeatedly aver--that everyone who needs it already gets care, then you know that we are already paying for the uninsured, anyway.

May I ask: do you want the server in your restaurant or the maid in your hotel--or the farm worker handling your lettuce--to be treated for infectious diseases? Or do you care if their kids grow up healthy?

Nah. Didn't think so. But maybe you'd like to save two trillion dollars?


Medicare for All would get my vote, but I'm not sure the country is ready for the economic changes. I'm concerned that, like most important changes or improvements caused by government action, not enough thought's gone into it...certainly not enough thought by either the medical provider sector or the medical device industry. Any change has ripple effects, but Medicare for All is an earthquake, I would anticipate that belt tightening on providers will result in many products currently made, sold, and used disappearing -- and a lot of jobs disappearing with those things. It seems any little ripple always affects jobs and companies.

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