Thank you public for your unwavering support in the quest for justice for our son Bradley Steele. Bradley is our 23-year-old severely handicapped, trached, ventilator-dependent, non-verbal son, born missing his Anterior chestwall, who was physically and verbally assaulted by his home nurse. This abuse was caught on videotape. It was broadcast on KPIC TV and KEZI news. The nurse was arrested and charged with multiple crimes, which were dismissed due to the fact that Bradley is non-verbal and could not tell the District Attorney if he was actually "injured," even though the video evidence clearly shows the physical abuse. Our justice system failed him. With the public outcry and direct questions put to our local DA's office, this case is getting an up-close and personal second look from a team of wonderful attorneys with the . We vow this abuser will be held accountable. Her charges were reduced to "harassment."

The Oregon State Board of Nursing just voted on July 16, 2021 to revoke the nurse's license. This has been made public on their website. We appreciate the support, letters and phone calls on behalf of our Bradley.

The trial has been set for Oct. 13 at 8:30 a.m. in courtroom 403, Douglas County Courthouse.

Our laws to protect the handicapped need to change. It is never ok for the abuser to have more rights than the victim. Our innocent 4 foot 2 inch, 80-pound "child" who is such a loving, kind soul that loves and trusts anyone and who has never in his little life experienced anyone being unkind, has suffered from this attack. Bradley is well known in this community, graduating with his Roseburg High School class of 2017.

He's very loved by all.

Thank you all again.

Shelly Steele


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Sounds like the judge in this case has no common sense. Is there audio along with the video? If he makes a disagreeing noise in the video, or there is a noise that accompanies a punch or kick, then there is your proof of pain. I'm so sorry that your son and his family have to suffer such a conspicuous injustice. At least the nurse got her license pulled (in this state--perhaps she is licensed to abuse children in another). October cannot come fast enough.


Wishing you and your family and especially Bradley all the best.

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