Well, this is an unhappy New Year's development: my "new" congressman is Cliff Bentz.

Population growth in Oregon, followed by redistricting after the 2020 census, means that I am now in Oregon's 2nd Congressional District. So are many of you who live in the south and eastern parts of Douglas County. We used to be superbly represented by Congressman Peter DeFazio, who is retiring early next year.

Representative Bentz was sworn in at our nation's Capitol on January 3, 2021. He swore to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." Three days later, immediately following the attack on the U.S. Capitol, Bentz voted to nullify the election by not recognizing legally-elected electors from Pennsylvania. Bentz opposes investigating those who attacked our Capitol and Constitution.

Bentz is a lawyer. Bentz knew better. To his credit, he did admit two days later that Joe Biden had won the election. But that is a bit like an aeronautical engineer flapping his arms in an attempt to fly to the moon, only to acknowledge two days later that, uh, gravity exists. He knew better.

Bentz lives in rural Oregon, and he knows that infrastructure is in rotten shape for many Oregonians; nevertheless, Oregon’s single "No!" vote against the Infrastructure and Jobs Act was Congressman Cliff Bentz. The Act was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for Oregonians to rebuild our roads and bridges and expand our broadband for improved rural access. Bentz opposed the River Democracy Act, which would add nearly 4,700 miles of designated wild and scenic rivers across Oregon. Well, sure: Bentz is supported by Koch Industries and other anti-environmental organizations and PACs.

Bentz knows better, but acts against our Constitution and against his constituents. We must help him leave the Capitol next year.

Joe Yetter


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Not to worry: the 'Silent Majority' will be speaking IF they can get off their butts and actually vote this time.


What a rude awakening. De Fazio deserves a nice retirement, but boy is it going to hurt. The folks at the local Democratic Party work continuously to get people of honesty, integrity, and decency elected, but they are going to need help to contrain the sprawling redness in Oregon.


The thing is that fear and anger are strong emotions that are constantly stirred up by false and misleading reports in the media. And when the choice is between an emotional decision and one based on logic, emotion will win. Every. Darn. Time.

That being so, it's too bad that there is so much hate, fear and anger going around. And not enough love and joy.



Huge bbfan

You should be happy 😊. Finally someone representing you who cares about you and not their donors and lobbyists. Peter has spent a lot of time in elected office and has done nothing for the legal citizens he claims to represent.


Can you explain further what you think he should have been doing? The State is diverse and becoming more so. While there are 108,000 undocumented immigrants in Oregon, it's 4.6% of our total population. Most come from Mexico. I'm unsure what you feel DeFazio did to specifically support them over you. I don't feel you can reasonably say he was responsible for the immigration, nor the fact they come to work and help support their families in their home country. Seems to me the great European immigration here was for the same reason. They come for a better life not for our politics. https://www.migrationpolicy.org/data/unauthorized-immigrant-population/state/OR


You clearly don't pay any attention to anything but the party of the BIG LIE.


Point of clarification: I don't feel "cheated"--not a bit. That word choice was the headline writer's; the headlines are usually pretty accurate, but this one is off the mark.

I've not been cheated. The new maps are pretty well-drawn, and the census and redistricting are mandated by the Constitution. I *am* all in favor of national legislation that would make redistricting scientific, mathematically efficient, fair, and non-partisan, and build as many competitive districts as feasible within those parameters.

E.V. Debs

I didn't realize that was the NR's choice of titles. I can think of 50 better terms, but most can't be published in a family newspaper.




Don't fret too much. I live in North County, and am now represented by Dallas Heard instead of Floyd Prozanski in the Oregon Senate.


Unfortunately for you Bend s now in HD-5, so your district will be redder than it was before


Yep. R+26 last I checked. And Art Robinson is now my State Senator.

Hmmm....Dallas ("Filthy Traitors!") Heard, vs. Art ("Radiation is good for you, and besides, HIV doesn't cause AIDS, and Abolish all public schools!") Robinson.

That said, I think it's possible CD2 voters may choose to reject someone like Bentz who works against their interests.

I can hope. And work.

Because Hope is not the thing with feathers. It's a sewer rat.

(Caitlin Seida)


E.V. Debs

Hey, give Art a break. He has a barnful of the world's largest and most impressive collections of OPP. (Other people's p)

E.V. Debs

Hopefully, Bend will make the difference in turning that new district Blue.


Bend is up for grabs politically. The candidate may make more difference than the party affiliation. At least that's what happened in the 2020 presidential election.

According to voting records: "In the last Presidential election, Deschutes county flipped moderately Democratic, 52.7% to 44.4%.

"Deschutes county flipped Democratic after voting Republican in the previous five Presidential elections."

Anything could happen in the next election.


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