We were driving north on I5, one recent rainy, foggy morning. Convoys of trucks rolled south and north. I sometimes smile at the drivers as they go by. I know those drives must get very long and lonely. Human contact is important, even if the trucks tower above and drivers must focus on everyone's safety.

It's the holidays. Truckers deliver our groceries, cars, implements, fuels: almost everything we use and need. Where would we be without them? Like our amazing health care workers, educators, non-profits and others, truckers uplift our communities.

Truckers have much to deal with: time away from family, not seeing their children or spouses for days on end; isolation in remote areas with no internet or phone access, or gridlocked in cities' traffic; health issues from prolonged sitting; challenges of eating healthy on the road; loading and unloading at unsafe and awkward job sites; the necessity of driving in hazardous conditions.

Truckers often miss their home time due to hours of waiting on loads, so their "down time" is consumed on the road, sleeping at truck stops.

There is a lot that they deal with to deliver the goods we need or want.

This holiday season, along with thanking all the folks that make your community, state and country a better place to live, please include truckers in your list. How about less complaining about lack of “stuff” due to COVID, backlogs and employee shortages. Be grateful for those that miss their families and put up with challenging conditions to deliver what we need.

Gratitude is this season’s best gift of all.

P.S.: America needs truckers! UCC has a superb training program, and many companies will even sponsor tuition. Four weeks to a new career.

Connie Page


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Thank you - my son is a trucker.[thumbup]



Lovely. And thank you. I'm sending this to some ex-neighbors, recently retired, who were a trucker family and are now in another state.

Your motto has been to "lead with love." This letter reflects that.

I'd add: thank everyone who makes this community better. Thank the good people at the OSU Extension. Say thank-you, thank-you, thank-you to a school teacher, to a librarian, to a cop. A firefighter! I mean, even now that the forest fire smoke is gone for the season, they always stand ready to protect us.

How about other readers here?

Who you gonna thank?


I feel a lot of gratitude for every person out in public who's wearing a mask and keeping a little distance. I appreciate every person who makes the extra effort to be kind in stores, to say please and thank you and to show respect for the clerks who have worked through the entire pandemic. I appreciate the clerks who stay civil when a customer loses their mind momentarily.

I appreciate the moms and dads who had to home-school or help with distance learning and the ones who've gone the extra mile to keep their kids mentally stimulated and emotionally secure.

I have very high regard for my Instacart shoppers and mail carriers and UPS drivers who have made my time at home easy and comfortable. I really appreciate the excellent service they provide.

I also have great appreciation for the N-R commentarian community. Yes, even the ones where agreement on anything seems like an impossible goal. There have been few in-person get-togethers of stimulating conversations. I've found some of that here and I thank all of you and the N-R for providing us this platform.

And more, much much more, but that's good enough for now.

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