I can not believe the News Review is still hyping the Greater Idaho issue.

The people in Douglas County have said no in a vote on this issue, but our local paper wants to make it a big deal.

Remember that any veteran who is less than 100% would lose all benefits they receive from Oregon (car registration, property tax breaks and other). Furthermore, all county residents would have to apply for new driver's licenses and vehicle regulations at our expense.

All county residents who have any type of business or occupational licenses would have to get new ones. This would include teachers, doctors, lawyers and contractors, all of which require state licenses.

If you cross over into Lane County you would need a license in both states and anyone from Lane County who comes to our county to do business would need a license for both Oregon and Idaho. This would possibly prevent doctors, lawyers and contractors from coming to Douglas County to see patients, or clients.

It would also mean students who live in Douglas County and go to any college in Oregon would have to pay out of state tuition as well.

The last thing is that Idaho has a 6% sales tax and county commissioners can add an additional 3%, for a total of 9% on all goods. So my question is, is it worth it? I say no, let me have my veteran's benefits, doctors and contractors I want.

David Grotkin


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It isn't gonna happen. It's a bad idea promoted by the weak minded to appeal to other weak minded. The end point to these fools is that they break down society far enough that they walk around with signs that say "Down with Anyone who Ain't Me"!


David, it's not the NR that hawking Greater Idaho. It's the racists here in the county who don't feel like their racism is being respected, they're not represented, they want to spread a deadly virus, and they certainly don't want to be Americans, they want Americans to be racists in an Theocratic Dictatorship. We've said no once, we'll say no again and again. Eventually they'll figure it out. If you want to be a racist move to Idaho.


Correct. My first thought was, 'NR is not to blame.' However, I very much concur with the rest of David's letter. Thanks, David!

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