Our society, even our own city, is recently caught in a conflict over the rights of personal privacy and liberty versus the rights of the greater society to remain safe from an infectious disease. This disease, Covid, has now killed over 750,000 Americans. A safe and effective vaccine exists—it is certainly safer than the disease itself—but some argue that they cannot be forced to receive the vaccine. They say the decision is their own, and that a vaccine mandate is unconstitutional and beyond the powers of government.

We must be reminded that a similar situation existed in our country when smallpox was killing thousands. Vaccination was mandated, and some refused, saying it was an over-reach of government. The Jacobson v. Massachusetts case presented before the US Supreme Court in 1905 resolved that question. The court decided that a vaccination mandate was both necessary and constitutional. Justice John Marshall Harlan explained, "In every well-ordered society charged with the duty of conserving the safety of its members the rights of the individual in respect of his liberty may at times, under the pressure of great dangers, be subjected to such restraint, to be enforced by reasonable regulations, as the safety of the general public may demand" and that real liberty for all could not exist under the operation of a principle which recognizes the right of each individual person to use his own liberty, whether in respect of his person or his property, regardless of the injury that may be done to others." In other words, the US Supreme Court decided that personal liberty does not include your right to make other people sick. The government does indeed have the right to force you to be vaccinated or to create consequences for your refusal.

Scott Mendelson


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Trump admits on Hannity's Fox News show (below link) that he DIDN'T win the past election after all, conceding to have lost to President Joe Biden—despite having long contested the result.

What now will those over 50% of Republicans do who believed Trump when he previously said he had won the election? Will they hold him accountable for lying to them or will they merely look past his lie AGAIN and move on to believing the next big lie?



To your questions...Nope -- while I believe that 45% or so of the 2020 voters are unhappy that Mr. Trump didn't win his reelection, and KNOW that he didn't win, they are not going to give up on their conspiracy theories. One, they NEED the diversion, and two, anything that messes with the Democrats is big fun for them. It's the only game they have to play right now. Big fun.

From the Big Lie-bowski's own lips: "I love the uneducated." And they love him back.


At one time not long ago, lawyers were the only occupation that lied for a living. Lawyers had a reason. They were trained to do whatever necessary to protect their client. Nobody ever expects honesty from lawyers. That's why honesty was never used as a metric when judging a lawyers proficiency.

It now appears "honesty" is likewise no longer a metric used by voters to judge their political representative - from either party. Politics has become the WWE, where entertainment trumps (so to speak) reality.


Public health departments and governments across the country face daunting challenges, not just from this disease, but from viral anti-vax obduracy, reflected in false claims, threats of violence, and actual violence.

It takes courage, wisdom, and leadership to act in the face of these threats and hateful ignorance. Some leaders have risen to the occasion; many have not.



Scott, you are exactly right.

Douglas County, I think, ought to have mandated vaccination of employees and contractors. This likely would have prevented many of the deaths and disabilities from COVID-19 in our county and beyond. This includes deaths and disabilities even among the vaccinated.

"The reason Colin Powell died of COVID-19 is that he caught it—which meant that it was still circulating among people he had contact with. This point may seem obvious, but too often we forget that one of the greatest risk factors for contracting COVID-19 is community spread. The more people around you who have the disease, the more likely you are to catch it. The best way to drive down community transmission is to boost vaccination rates."

----Kiera Butler (link follows)


Kiera Butler link: motherjones.com/politics/2021/10/yes-colin-powell-was-fully-vaccinated-he-also-was-seriously-immunocompromised/


I'm going to double down on your post, Joe. From the article about Colin Powell's death:

"He was 84 years old when he died, well into the elderly age group that has been most ravaged by the virus. He had also been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, which can reduce the body’s ability to fight infections."

General Powell was immunocompromised from advanced years, his diagnoses of multiple myeloma -- which is a form of blood cancer -- and, according to his family, from the treatments he received to treat it.

Unvaccinated people and people who go about their daily business while experiencing symptoms can be signing the death warrant for another person.

It's worth thinking about.


Tripling down. Multiple myeloma is a dreadful disease.

If you are too selfish to save your own life at least think about your friends and neighbors and get vaccinated.



I doubt you’re worth the reply, but if you believe in bit coin then you’re completely ignorant of the tulip market bubble of the 17th century. Everything new is old again. At least one could eat tulip bulbs and pedals, as the Dutch has to do in late 1944. I don’t think you can eat but coin.


Scomo, they bike a lot in Holland, but they never eat the "pedals"....


One Bitcoin is worth over $60,000 today. You might not have been happy getting in @ $1.00, but I would have been ecstatic!


Heard a talking head on TV somewhere yesterday -- said that the scientific community has concluded that we're just about at the point where anyone who isn't vaccinated can pretty much guarantee that they are going to catch it.

Sure, some vaccinated are catching it, too -- I have a neighbor currently in the hospital with it, and he was vaccinated. He was also not in good control of his diabetes, so they look to that as the reason. But, he's not going to die because of this, either.

Comment deleted.

What you read might be true...I'd be happy it was true. I'd be happier if I would have bought BitCoin @ $1.00, but alas....

Comment deleted.
Scott Mendelson

No, he didn't invent the technology. That is a lie and nonsense. He was merely one of hundreds that contributed to the technology. Why you believe him rather than hundreds of thousands of other scientists and doctors simply reflects the fact that you believe what your silly agenda leads you to believe. Over 96% of doctor members of the AMA are vaccinated. Why is that? The flu vaccine, which is called a "vaccine" by everyone is not as effective as the covid vaccine. In fact, it has been only 40% effective some years. You simply don't have the slightest idea what you are talking about and you should stop spreading stupid lies and nonsense.


It’s time for public health vaccine messaging to focus less on what getting jabbed means for society, and more on what not getting vaccinated can mean for individuals. In other words, it’s time to get disgusting. Anti-smoking campaigns and anti-drug campaigns have used upsetting medical descriptions and imagery in public service announcements. Why not go there with COVID?

On the Reddit forum, nurses trade stories of COVID patients with maggots in their sinus cavities, of something called “COVID poop” which apparently causes sores for some patients on ventilators, of unvaccinated COVID-positive pregnant women who go into labor prematurely while intubated and die before they meet their infants.

Researchers have found that men who have had COVID are six times more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Research has shown that many COVID patients who end up intubated also end up suffering fungal infections. COVID-19 renders many sufferers disabled in the long term in a country with a social safety net that is full of holes, something that disability advocates have been sounding the alarm on for months.

And why isn’t the cost of COVID being shouted from the rooftops? The average COVID hospital stay costs somewhere between $17,000 and $20,000. That’s about twice as much as the average American household has in savings. If you don’t believe me, go to GoFundMe and search for “COVID.”

The push for vaccines still uses language that is too sanitized from the reality of COVID. Lots of “togethers” and “we’s” and appeals to decency, like this country hasn’t spent the last year and a half proving that the people who are keeping the pandemic alive don’t care about anybody but themselves. A small but very loud portion of the population even seems to get off on hurting other people.

It’s past time to get personal and to get disgusting if that’s what it takes to convince those who have ignored everything else all this time. To stop appealing to selflessness, since the people receptive to that message have already been reached, and start appealing to selfishness.


Comment deleted.
Scott Mendelson

As per your remark, I am a doctor and not a Constitutional lawyer. However, in case you missed it, I quoted the Supreme Court Justice that wrote the

majority opinion on Jacobson v. Massachusetts in 1905. Ostensibly, he was both a lawyer and an authority on the US. Constitution. On the other hand, your understandings of vaccines, mRNA vaccines in particular, virology and infectious

disease are so woefully wrong and inadequate that it is obvious you are not a doctor. This leads me to wonder, what doctor are you quoting? Dr. Laura Ingraham? Dr. Lars Larson? Dr. Tucker Carlson? To quote the great Physicist, Wolfgang Pauli, "Scomo, you are not even wrong."


I didn’t realize that Scott Mendeldin was a doctor and a Constitutional lawyer- silly me.

Comment deleted.

Wretched, you are aware that your news guy Alex Jones admitted in court that he was playing a character on his show, right? He makes up lies as he goes along.



Good letter, Scott[thumbup]

Comment deleted.
Scott Mendelson

My dear, you are not a wretch. You are a kvetch.

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