As we celebrate the birth of the most well known progressive man in 2,000 years, I wonder how many who love Jesus realize what a progressive force he was in his own time. He taught love and forgiveness, while the consciousness, societal agreements, and the Old Testament called for an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth — revenge.

Christ was a renegade. He stopped men from stoning to death a woman accused of adultery. He raged against the conservative money changers, who focused on money and power and did not take care of the poor or the sick. He went to places where the sick were exiled from society to bring comfort and healing to them. He also welcomed all people, even the Romans who persecuted the Jews. He was born a Jew in an oppressed society and he had the courage to stand up for women, the poor and the afflicted.

At this time when we celebrate his birth, let us take a deep look at what we are doing. Beyond giving of gifts, it is time to remember what Jesus preached and what he came to change in our consciousness. Can we begin to love one another? Before you respond, please take a moment, if you walk a Christian path, to ask yourself, what would Jesus do. I know he would be kind, he would lift you up no matter who you are or what you have done in life, and he would offer you forgiveness and love. I wish all my neighbors the blessings of Christ.

Michele Avanti


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Amen, Michele

Michelle Johnson

Yes, but somewhere in recent years, Jesus changed from the champion of the poor to the savior of the rich, the icon of unfettered capitalism, and an advocate of the view that the "least among us"are "takers." It would be nice to get the old Jesus back.

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