Being the son of a WW II Submarine commander I grew up with respect for the Navy and my Dad's "code": "Honor, Duty, Pride". Dad accepted the burden of a sub commander for significant life issues.

After college I became an USAF officer. As a pilot, and squadron commander I too accepted responsibility for the death's of my men in Vietnam. Command is lonely. People die, and commanders reflect upon each one.

In my case one who died over Hanoi resulted in a letter to me from his Dad. It read: “Major Medley, You are responsible for the death of my son in Vietnam, so you might keep his Purple Heart as a memory of your decision that killed him". I kept it as a reminder that command has consequences.

I didn't shift under the burden of responsibility. I blamed myself for my decisions. I didn't refute that man's pain with platitudes. His criticism as the price that comes with command.

The contrast between my command and Biden as Commander In Chief is stark. My shoulders supported my responsibility. I understood the agony that father suffered and his expression was natural. Parents are permitted to grieve the loss of a child in combat without refutation or diminished by platitudes.

As Commander in Chief, Biden’s shoulders small - he reflects no honor by blaming other's while engaging in comparing the non-combat death of his son to the pain of 13 parents whose kid's died in the atrocity of withdrawing from Afghanistan

Biden mouthed the words of President Truman; “the buck stops here.” President Truman believed it. Biden's was dumb and desperate.

His psychopathy guides a plagiarist and liar who lacks Honor, Duty, Pride that's manifest for command. Biden simply can't do better.

Wayne Medley


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Wayne, I know you didn't author the header of your letter "Heavy lies the true burden of command" -- personally, my head is still numb from our previous president/actor's Command by Heavy Lies, Cons and Conspiracy Theories. You want more of that? I call it Trump Delusion Syndrome -- the current gop's TDS.


Honor, duty, pride. I didn't hear anything about God or Country, and honor and pride are close enough to be the same self-centered concept. After you get over yourself, over your unwavering sense of honor and pride, how about dropping your cherry-picker and read a book or two on the subject of your letter? Going through life heaping honor and pride on your ego is no way to live, son.


Thank you for writing a letter that expresses the thoughts of millions of Americans. Biden is a liar and disgrace to the United States and he couldn't have cared less about the thirteen lives lost nor does he care about Americans left behind to be hunted down like animals and tortured and murdered. Biden is a despicable human being and only cares about money and power....not the safety and well-being of Americans.


Your comment is one among a number of organized players whose purpose is to push as many lies onto anyone other than the criminal grifter ousted by the last election. The truth is not what you seek, you seek to hide the truth from anyone who will listen. sources: The lies - -- The quid pro quo - -- the incitement of violence - -- and the final insult to his cause -


When you claim 13 soldiers died in the "atrocity" in Afghanistan and "Biden simply can't do better," why aren't you writing letters about the atrocity occurring every day here in Douglas County?

Those 13 soldiers who died in Afghanistan knowingly accepted the risk of their jobs, unlike the 101 Douglas County residents who've unnecessarily died from Covid since June 30th when the Governor turned Covid restriction control over the our County Commissioners. Every press release from the Commissioners "express their heartfelt condolences and sympathies to all family members." Yet, those same County Commissioners have done nothing different to prevent more loss of life. How is that NOT an atrocity?




All that copying and pasting and talking smack about your fellow Douglas County residents must be wearing you out. Why don't you take a break and maybe find a hobby or volunteer since you seem to have so much time on your hands?


Why don't you and your husband buy another cherry appointment to a Douglas County Committee.


I can't think of a better way to spend time than reporting facts about the horrible antivaxxers here in this ill-conceived, ill-executed, foul county, made so by the undereducated, fact-free conservatives (a.k.a. traitors to our country) who pretend to love America in talk but defile it in action. We all seem to have some free time, here. What are you doing, 54, to make the world a better place? Perhaps we can all learn from your superlative time-management methods and your conspicuous examples of God's work.


Dljones54 👍😊


Mike - why don’t you run in the next County Commissioner race?


Mike - You can blame the Commissioners all you want, but the people that died were grown adults who live in America where we have the right to assess our own risks. If their loved ones were the ones who discouraged them from getting vaccinated, well then, they have to live with that. I highly doubt that even one of those people died because of anything said/unsaid or done/ not done by Freeman, Boice or Kress. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the media and social media are the biggest contributors to misinformation and knee-jerk reactions from people feeling that their rights and freedoms are being infringed upon. I’m conservative, and I am vaccinated in spite of people like you who want to constantly bully and control others. I am not a hypocrite. I am able to apply common sense and basic math to new and evolving information and knowledge provided by trusted sources. I’m sorry that there are folks who are allowing principle, passion and politics to override their intellectual reasoning, but that’s on them. They take the risks, and many will suffer the related consequences.

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