During the Douglas County Commissioner’s Board Meeting on Wednesday the Commissioners issued a proclamation in recognition of Emergency Medical Services Week. This proclamation follows a long-standing tradition originally started by President Ford in 1974 and carried on through the years by his successors. Although there was not a photo op as with the previous week, such recognition by the county for the Emergency Medical Services Week gives much merit to the county and its leaders.

The proclamation by the White House on May 14 states “we extend our deepest gratitude to all EMS (Emergency Medical Service) providers. Their courage, selflessness, and commitment are extraordinary examples of what it means to serve this great country. We also extend our sincere condolences to the loved ones of EMS providers who have given their lives in the line of duty.”

I had a fantastic opportunity in an EMS career during my younger years. Currently as a retiree, I am re-introducing myself into the EMS field via volunteering at the Glide Rural Fire Department. I have great reverence and sincere appreciation to all the Douglas County EMS providers; however, I specifically want to show particular attention to our volunteer fire departments. The volunteer fire departments are staffed with career EMS providers, be they doctors, nurses, fire fighters, as well as non-medical employees with EMS credentials (paramedic, EMT, EMR, BLS}. These volunteers are associated with local medical facilities, ambulance services, city fire departments, care facilities, and even non-medical offices such as grocery stores, timber companies, BLM, FS, and many others. These folks, after their workday is complete, respond on a moment’s notice to the community’s needs. Many businesses allow these providers to respond during their workday as well. Once again, demonstrating the selflessness and commitment from ordinary individuals to become extraordinary members of our community.

AC Clough


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[thumbup] And that is called a commitment to serve. It comes from developing good character. (and something I believe politicians have lost)



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