So, State Senator Dallas Heard is now Chair of the Republican Party of Oregon.

Seems fittin'.

The Oregon GOP recently asserted that the attack on our United States Capitol was a false flag event, carried out by Democrats and their allies “designed to discredit President Trump, his supporters and all conservative Republicans." That is, in scatologic terms, pure bat guano.

Republicans believe a lot of crazy stuff, and now Republicans believe Heard should lead them.


Dallas Heard has been a vociferous anti-masker, and he was elected last night (Feb 20th) in a hall filled elbow-to-elbow with maskless Republicans.

A few years ago, the Oregon Republican Party selected Art ("let's put radioactive waste in our drinking water!") Robinson to be their chair. In a pattern of further (whoud'a thunk it possible?) deterioration, the party has now selected Heard, who labels innocent senior citizens as "FilthyTraitors!", and who believes that "enemies seen and unseen" are arrayed against him. Uh, guano.

Dallas Heard tore off his mask while on the Senate floor, endangering colleagues and setting a terrible example, and denigrated fellow legislators: “Don’t let any of these punks ... ever tell you they are better than any of you. Trust me. I work with these fools. None of them are half as good as any of you.” Which is one reason why our Oregon State Senator has fewer legislative accomplishments than Oregon has living dinosaurs.

Heard also believes that legislators and the governor are conducting a “campaign against the people and the children of God." Guano.

I figure this prophet is going to lead his party into the desert.

Seems fittin'. "GOP" has transmogrified to the "GQP;" QAnon-crazies like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) drive the whole party bat-guano-crazy.

We taxpayers are paying Heard's salary. Pure guano.

Joseph Yetter


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Marine Vet

In a pattern of further (whoud'a thunk it possible?) deterioration, the party has now selected Heard, who labels innocent senior citizens as "FilthyTraitors!", and who believes that "enemies seen and unseen" are arrayed against him. Uh, guano.


The Oregon Republican Party, has with 2019 amendments, managed to bring Church into their Platform dictating love, and exclusion of those who don't identify singularly as man and woman. Of course it goes against Federal Law, but this also seems to be a major problem for Republicans in their Not Your Law - Only Our Law, platform. Division based in hate, the new Republican Party of Oregon. And they seem to believe they're Christian in this endeavor to make Oregon a Church State. Go to their website, scroll to the bottom, read their platform:


The R party of Oregon recently described the attack on the US Capitol as a ‘false flag’ event.

Senator Heard’s office issued this statement regarding this position: "Unfortunately Senator Heard is not available for comment at this time."

Heard was just elected Chairman of the State R Party of Oregon.

He has referred to the place he works as the ‘stone temple’ and those he works beside as ‘punks’.

For the life of me I can’t figure out why anyone would want to hold public office, a position of great responsibility when they have no intention of working with those who have different views. It’s called compromise. We don’t always get everything we want. Most of us learn that when we are toddlers.

Heard brings to mind a quote by the political commentator PJ O’Rourke: R’s are the party that says government doesn’t work and then they get elected to prove it.

I would like to add the caveat that not all R’s fit this description, but Heard’s actions, time and time again show that he does.

I’m afraid that if more people like Heard get elected to positions of power, the chance for positive change for all Oregonians will be slim, to none.


Well they certainly don't seem to be upholding the grandiose righteousness of their platform. It's now amended to an oppressive edict in defiance of law.


Dallas Heard is perfectly qualified to serve this County in Salem. I've served on a board with him, and he was knowledgeable and capable of handling situations and compromises when necessary. He is not just "my way" or nothing. I'm a Republican and you're hearing from me.


Dallas Heard is perfectly qualified, and COVID-19 isn't so bad.

Yes. I have heard from you.


Heard has wide support in Douglas County. It isn't because he can actually get anything done to help Douglas County, it's because he "owns the libs". That's it. The more outrageous his actions and rhetoric to stand up to the libs, the higher his popularity. If he actually tried to act like a legislator, his support would evaporate. That's not why he was elected. It's really very simple.


Momos: excellent point. The "conservative agenda" is now 99.44% pure spite right now, Ivory-white resentment.


What have the Douglas County Republicans have to say? Still waiting to hear from them.


From the article in the News Review:

"Douglas County Republican Party Chairperson Valynn Currie, who attended Saturday and cast her vote as a delegate, said it was time for a change.

“We’re excited about it and it helps Southern Oregon,” she said.

She said this region didn’t have a lot of input before, but now it will.

Currie also predicted Heard will energize the party.

“I like the energy that Dallas is going to bring to the ORP, and so that’s going to be positive,” she said.

So yeah, the local GOP loves this guy.


Yeah, "this region" had no input when Art Robinson was chair. Right.

Heard may well energize the party. But those energies will take it down a terrible road.


Textbook example of leadership vs demagoguery. And Heard isn't about leadership.


The entire what-used-to-be the Grand Old Party has gone totally whacko!

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