I am writing in regard to the article printed about lithium in The News-Review on Dec. 5.

An Australian company has begun drilling for lithium near Vale.

Lithium is now a wanted item. It is a powerful energy source. It's new science.

It's been found at the Salton Sea in Southern California. I've been there. Saw all the dead fish on the beach. Never though such destruction would eventually be a positive.

It has also been found in excess at an ancient indian burial site. What is Australia doing over here?

Lithium is in the backyard of the USA. Is anyone watching the hen house?

The Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries has approved Australia to drill 39 holes. Exploration. Then what?

I do believe we just rid ourselves of a foreign country: the Jordan Cove pipeline.

Don't let another one try to get in.

I wonder how much money has been exchanged in these endeavors?

Dorothy Knight

Myrtle Creek

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Why not? We're shipping raw Oregon logs overseas for corporate profit. Any potential lithium is nothing by comparison. Can't be any worse environmentally.


Litium is going to be around for a long time as researchers in battery storage find better elements (Tesla is moving toward lithium-ion batteries for some of its fleet). No matter where you dig it up, mining for lithium is such drudgery that Americans won't do the work. Other countries dig it up, and China refines it. Most electric vehicles use lithium-ion batteries, so any swing away from lithium is far away. Lots of exciting new energy-storage technologies on the horizon, though (some weird ones, too).

Huge bbfan

You want "green " . Destroying the landscape to achieve it is the price you pay. I'm sure that you'll enjoy it. 😉


I think that lithium mining will be mostly a money pit. Lithium enjoys a place of primacy based on its position on the periodic table, but sodium, iron, aluminum, and other metals have promise; I expect that five years from now, the arguments for massive lithium mining will appear as dated as the initial argument for Jordan Cove as an *import* operation.

Technology will--I think--soon reduce the growth rate of our demand for lithium. Ditto cobalt.


Here's Canary. Nerd out: https://www.canarymedia.com

And maybe subscribe to Volts, by David Roberts.

And MIT Technology!

(MIT has a brief, interesting bit on geothermal, a resource in which Oregon is rich: https://www.technologyreview.com/2021/12/08/1041511/potential-geothermal-power-infrastructure-bill/)

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