A recent letter to the editor called liberals hypocrites for being angry about the insurrection by self-proclaimed patriots while giving BLM and Antifa rioters a pass.

That's comparing apples and oranges.

BLM and Antifa weren't attempting to overrun government institutions. Protests for equal treatment by BLM and other groups by day were fine. It's the protests turned riots by night that can't be condoned. The protesters by day are not all angels. There was obvious looting, damage to cars, store windows broken and fires started. Some scrimmaged with police and national guard and appropriately got arrested. What they did in Seattle closing off Capital Hill was disruptive and irresponsible and poorly handled. Reported violence was minimal despite the length of occupation.

The sedition on Jan. 6 by crowds were incited to violence by a President to use force to take over the election process. Present a show of force while some donned military camo carrying zip tie restraints in House chambers. Carrying multiple weapons, wearing kevlar helmets, flak jackets, and bullet proof vests, a cooler full of napalm jars on hand or waving a confederate flag. Wearing camp Auschwitz hoodies and 6MNE slogans, anti Jew and Catholic propaganda. Brandishing US flags with images of a tyrant super imposed over the red white and blue. Calling the vice president a traitor and chanting "Hang Pence" repeatedly showing a noose and gallows. Racing through the Capitol rotunda searching for congressional members to execute. Killing an officer doing their best to deter crowds. Hitting officers with an American flag trying to forcibly enter the Capitol building.

I can carry the burden of being a hypocrite.

Robert W. Cooper


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