2020 Election Steal? Was there fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election, or was it a free and fair election? The courts have determined the facts, using verifiable evidence which can be confirmed. In Arizona a Nov. 12 law suit claimed that electronic voting machines were improperly counting ballots. However, a previously established procedure of hand counting a representative sample of ballots from different voting locations confirmed that there was no discrepancy between the machine count and the hand count. Another court case was that election workers might be marking voter's ballots with their Sharpie pens. This was dismissed when no evidence of this claim was presented. Then on Dec, 2 a law suit was filed seeking decertification of the Arizona results. The judge ruled that the evidence presented for this was unreliable and irrelevant. These courts, some with Republican appointed judges, reviewed the claims and determined that no verifiable evidence was presented. In Georgia on Nov. 11 a suit was filed claiming that a software glitch caused miscounting of votes. No evidence could be found for this claim, and the suit was dropped. On Nov. 30 a suit claimed that 20,000 people who do not live in Georgia voted there. However, it was successfully rebutted that some people do have legitimate reasons to temporarily move out of state. The Republican Secretary of State also reported that a hand recount of all the votes cast, reaffirmed the original machine tally. Finally on Dec. 1, Attorney General Barr said that the federal government had followed up on election complaints, but they had not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election. I believe these court cases and investigations have shown that we can trust that the 2020 election was fair and honest.

Gordon Fleig


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Gordon, true, as evidenced by this: https://www.cisa.gov/news/2020/11/12/joint-statement-elections-infrastructure-government-coordinating-council-election --

Further, read this interesting analysis of why his bird droppings caused him to lose an election: https://theconversation.com/i-analyzed-all-of-trumps-tweets-to-find-out-what-he-was-really-saying-154532


I believe we can trust the most recent President Trump impeachment was NOT fair and honest.


Nor can we trust that a bipartisan 1/6 commission will get at the truth. How could it when the would-be insurrectionists were radicalized with many weeks of repeated but fraudulent claims that the election was "stolen" from Trump, a hoax propagated by Trump himself, his allies, his campaign, his lawyers, Republican senators, Republican members of Congress, state Republican Party offices, multiple far-right propaganda outlets, Republican pundits, and Fox News. It was an organized campaign of false propaganda intended to discredit the election results and the election itself, a hoax then perpetuated by Republican senators who used the same false claims in a Jan. 6 attempt to themselves nullify the election results by erasing the electoral votes cast by multiple Biden-won states.

To believe that these self-same Republican propagandists will cooperate with a bipartisan commission is silly. What we need is a Special Prosecutor with subpoena power and the authority to indict.

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