In his letter "I don't see Biden as a threat to Catholics" the writer states that "Biden does not threaten our Catholic way." Apparently,"your Catholic way" differs from that of the Vatican. Does not the Catholic Church expressly forbid abortion? If not, why has Joe Biden been denied communion as a result of his support for it ? Certainly, the right to life of the unborn is an unwavering part of historical church doctrine. To support or even condone the wholesale abortion of our time, is a threat to "The" Catholic way.

Ed Armstrong


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I personally considered former President Trump to be one of the worst threats to religious freedom this country has ever faced. That's because he sowed hate and discontent, with the full backing of devoutly religious people who were dedicated to fighting against legal abortion and gay rights. Dedication to those two issues somehow made a lot of religious people blind to what was before their eyes.

When wondering if President Biden is a threat to Catholic ways, we might ask how many of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit does President Biden exhibit? How many did former President Trump exhibit? 50% of Catholics and 80% of Evangelicals chose Trump over Biden, often over the issues of abortion and LGBT+ rights. But according to Mathew 7:17-20, rotten trees cannot bear fruit, only healthy trees can, and by their fruits we shall know them.

From Loyola Press (very Catholic for those who don't know.) Matthew's Gospel helps us to understand the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, which are the observable behaviors of people who have allowed the grace of the Holy Spirit to be effective in them. The tradition of the Church lists 12 fruits: Charity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, generosity, gentleness, faithfulness, modesty, self-control, chastity.

There's much more to Catholic ways than opposition to legal abortion. President Biden exhibits many of the fruits. I see none for the other guy.


I thank you for your response to a conference that was well discussed. The notion that being a democrat insists on anti-catholic positions is ludicrous. I am sure your political bias covers over the very essence of Catholicism. Our faith does not condone abortion or euthansia. Our faith does promote sacredness of life in all things, justice, environment, human dignity, freedom. All these values are neither democratic or republican. To hold such a narrow view on our faith is to forget that we are intended to live out our Christian faith. Yet it does not mean that we do so by condemning those who have political differences as the enemy. Our Church is greater than that fortunately. However, when you design the argument by what the Vatican says, you are limiting the true nature of what Christ would do. So, cheer up. We, Catholics, have an ability to think out of the box. So the notion of the world being flat, disproven. From the notion of science is our enemy, disproven. From the notion of who can lead our country, the argument that one party has reign over our thoughts, reason and even our faith should be disproven. I do thank you for thinking. That was the gift of listening to the conference.


Ed, I know you know that "the Catholic way," is about far more than abortion; it is about social justice, mercy, tolerance, and love--all of which were endangered by the prior administration, and are fostered by the Biden administration (which has been actively engaging with the Pope.) The Pope published scathing critiques of Trump's actions against the broader Catholic principles.

I'm four years younger than President Biden; he and I came of age in the era of Vatican II, the Barrigan brothers, Ramparts magazine, Sister Corita, all of the involvement of the Church in the civil rights, social justice movements, and peace movements, and these all inform the values of a lot of Catholics and lapsed Catholics today.

The numbers of abortions typically decrease during Democratic administrations, and increase (or decrease less) during Republican administrations. Now, if you are all in favor of increasing regulations limiting women's rights, the GQP is your party; but if you wish to actually reduce the numbers of abortions, then Democrats have the answers: improved economy, improved sex education and the empowerment of girls and women, access to comprehensive health care including long-term contraction and pre-conception and prenatal care, etc, etc. And reductions in environmental causes of abortion and birth defects, and improved nutrition, etc, etc.

If "conservatives" really wanted to reduce the number of abortions, they would support all those interventions, instead of trying to exercise a power grab over women's bodies.


Thank you for your well thought out response.


This isn't really about Biden. There is no threat to Catholicism other than Catholicism. Don't speak of the Vatican unless you plan on immigrating to Italy. Our country is diverse now, a way of life that we all must live in. Be faithful to your God but question organized religion that came into being over 11,000 years ago. Food for thought:

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