A dear friend owned a country store. We were discussing the ammunition he sold to local farmers. What he said next was very interesting: I do not want a gun nor do I need a gun, but I do not want someone telling me I cannot have one. I accepted his comments as those of a free man making a free choice.

My son blew off his head with my shotgun. He was born with things that would eventually lead to self destruction. If it was not a gun then it could have been running his car full of kids into a bridge abutment.

Many years before a guy shot his girl friend and then ran his car head on into the large truck two coworkers and I were in. It was convenient to this distrot guy and we and the truck were handy.

If some on wants to do something they will do it. Maybe we should outlaw cars, since the kill so many each year.

I cannot see making law abiding citizens into criminals, if they choose to not lock up guns. Personally, I am sick of legislators trying to legislate away all of the ills of the world. Rational thought might be useful sometime for these morons. As it is, most of them have prostituted themselves to get a chunk of that money given by New Yorker Bloomberg in his on going buy dumb legislators to get his way.

I had a young Black PHD professor in my first year of college that put things in perspective. He said simple answers for simple people. Truly, why not look at the real root causes of all of the messes. Look at the left calling me and others racists and poisoning the world with their words.

Mike Benjamin


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A guy I know leaves loaded guns lying around his house, and brags about it. His grandson took one, and killed two people. Toddlers in homes with loaded guns lying around shoot themselves or others at an alarming rate. People suffering from mental illness with easy access to loaded guns shoot themselves and others at an alarming rate.

Simple answer: Lock your guns up. This isn't about "freedom", this is about YOU taking responsibility for your guns. Locking up your guns will make zero difference in your life, but it might save a life. YOU taking personal responsibility for owning deadly weapons is the simple solution.


Ah, the outlaw cars argument. Specious at best. You need a license, insurance, registration and must pass a test in order to drive. Ridiculous comparison. Also. why say New York Blomberg? Also, why say New Yorker Bloomberg. This statement in and of itself shows an extreme ignorance.


How about we get to the true intent of your letter. You've given a couple of examples of how mental illness caused very tragic and grim death. As with your first example, your second doesn't actually identify you so much as "handy" as you were a victim of a mentally compromised and distraught coworker. You've been led to believe a hate and division lie because you haven't even read what's been proposed. If you read the proposed bill you'll learn that it addresses the needs of keeping people safe from those who are mentally compromised rather than just the lie that The Evil is coming for you and your second amendment rights. Read the proposed bill here: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2021/04/07/fact-sheet-biden-harris-administration-announces-initial-actions-to-address-the-gun-violence-public-health-epidemic/ -- Here are some basic facts as to why the bill was drafted and why the majority of Americans support it. In 2020 there were 19,379 violent gun deaths, 300 were children. There were 578 mass shootings in 2020 and 417 mass shootings the year before. Common sensibilities tells us that for a human to kill another human there is a mental illness involved and guns rather than cars are the go to killer of choice because they're very easy to get. Read the story of Brandon Hole, who despite his mother's warning he was mentally ill, and despite the red flag law would not allow him to have a gun came to violent consequences anyway: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/18/us/fedex-shooting-indianapolis-gun-laws.html -- the bottom line Mike, is that no one is calling you a racist because you want a gun. Racists are called racists because they're racists and some of them cause violent gun death. It's time for the killing to stop. It's time for State's to turn away from perceived second amendment freedom infringement and embrace establishing better mental health care.


Mr. Benjamine. My heart goes out to those who end their lives because of despair or mental illness. Of course, we lack these fundamental services for those who are struggling. Yet, your idea of having guns around someone who is at their witts end is hard to accept. Of course, no one needs to tell us what we can own or not, unless it is harmful. I know that we all have second amendment rights to bear arms. But sometimes, those who use these arms to hurt others or themselves could have been stopped. It is not having guns that is the problem. It is about having quick and deadly guns that can kill in seconds. That is the difference. I weep for those who take their lives. I know the pain they feel. I have been there a few times myself. I know that not having lethal means probably saved my life. I know that it cannot bring back our loved ones. But remind your friends that having guns that kill many people in seconds is not worth having.

Marine Vet

You want to Live in a All White Country. MOVE THEN. Simple Answer right.?.lol

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