Everyone is going crazy over global warming and the green deal. Sorry folks, but the only way to save the planet is to reduce the population. The earth can only sustain so many people.

There will soon be no room for other species, you can't save the elephant — no territory left — you can't save whales — they are starving to death.

Driving electric cars won't matter when the population keeps increasing. If you really want to save the earth — practice birth control. No increase in population. Do not have children if you really want to save the planet.

Do you want America to be like China? Billions of people — everything in China has been eaten: the only animals are on preserves or in zoos. They have eaten all the songbirds, lizards, dogs, cats, turtles, snakes, bats, etc. No wonder COVID came form China.

Please, we don't need America's population to increase.

Arleen Neale

Myrtle Creek

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So who's to decide who gets to have kids and who doesn't?? Sounds awfully fascist if you ask me. The problem isn't over population, it's population density.

Tim connor

Let's try getting one in every two males snip..either no sex.


Shouldn't that have started with your parent's generation?


There needs to be serious discussion on global, world-wide population goals. The problem comes with the human animal's proclivity for hiding from responsibility and ignoring certain unpleasant realities. For as smart as we think we are, we are kinda stupid with the basics.


Or just make peace with the fact that humans have tried and failed once again. Humanity's only guarantee is that each one of us will die. Why try to take the entire planet with you during your rush to the inevitable? Maybe next time humans will figure out how to steward the planet.


What next time?


lol -- well if and until the universe wipes away the planet completely, once humans become extinct (again), over time the planet would heal itself. But true, there's always that possibility that humans would not evolve again. Also true, you and I will not be around to find out. There is, however, always the hope on what I commented.

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