I was gobsmacked to read the opinion of Mark Thiessan in the June 15 News Review. The headline stated “Dems Are Trying to Make Sure Trump Wins in 2024”. What? By telling the truth?! Have we come so far from integrity and honesty that it is no longer recognized?

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Today's NYT published a letter from Sgt Aquilino Gonell of the Capitol Police Force. He was gravely injured during the mayhem. The title of the piece is "I was betrayed by President Trump." Here's a few quotes from the piece (with respect to the Fair Use doctrine.

"I never would have imagined that an American president would not only not come to the aid of law enforcement officers defending the Capitol but encourage that crowd to march on it. Instead of being notified about the danger, my colleagues and I were kept in the dark, and thus walked into an ambush unprepared."

"I don’t know what part of Ms. Hutchinson’s testimony enraged me most: that Mr. Trump wanted to be driven to the Capitol to lead the vicious riot, that he’d spurred his supporters on knowing they were armed, or that he ignored some of his advisers and even his daughter who told him to call it off, allegedly fighting with his own Secret Service agent after he refused to let the president be driven there."

"Or maybe it was the fact that Mr. Trump eventually told the rioters who’d criminally assaulted my colleagues and me while trying to bring down the U.S. government: “Go home. We love you. You are very special.”

"It was like a medieval battleground. With our lives in peril, I would have been justified in using lethal force. But I didn’t want to spark a massacre. Over the course of the five-hour struggle, my hands were bloodied from being smashed by a stolen police baton. My right foot and left shoulder were so damaged that I needed multiple surgeries to repair them. My head was hit with such force with a pipe that I no doubt would have sustained brain damage if not for my helmet."

So tell me, Huge BBfan. Exactly what part of this do you think is funny? You are one sick puppy.


[thumbup]Thank you, melrosereader.


[thumbup][thumbup]well said


HERE HERE! To say you said it well is an understatement! I think we former Republicans turned Independent have left the building when it comes to trump. Nasty, vile, contemptuous, turncoat are a few nouns that describe him. May our Democracy continue to reign over stupidity and outright hatred for our Constitution. Jan 6 committee shows the culprits hit way below the belt of our civic duty as citizens. Nasty and vile. (did I say that? oh well, let me add filth)


Good letter Mr. Black. I have no problem listening to a true conservative, just hacks as Mr. Heilman described Thiessen. They add nothing except to throw gasoline on the fire.

Steve Gern

If you like what is happening to to our country then, by all means, vote for another democrat.


No kidding!


Thank you, Marc Thiessen, for your great editorials exposing the Communists running America into the ground. They are turning on Biden and each other and exposing their evil agenda which will only lead to a red wave in November and the return of a Republican to the White House in 2024![beam]


And which former president was sucking up to the leader of communist Russia? Pray tell.

Huge bbfan

Funny letter. I've been watching the Jan 6th hearing/clown show, and laugh and laugh. What the democrats are screaming longly and loudly about what other people are doing is what they are doing themselves. Destroying our representative republic.


It's true, everyone...if you have an empty mind you can laugh and laugh all day long; I believe many call them happy idiots.

D Steel

Wow, better check your meds if you find authoritarianism and sedition hilarious. It’s pretty sad you find defense of democracy a sad affair. Just surrender your citizenship, pack your belongings and head to Hungary or Russia, you’ll be ecstatic there. I’ll even donate 25 cents for your journey to any other country. I’d even buy a leaky, inflatable boat so you can paddle across the Bering Straits to be at home with Putin.

Ms. Pellegrino-Reid

Prozac, Lithium and Abilify are helpful for delusions. Try it , when your thoughts are the opposite of reality, then maybe it's time to admit you have a problem. There is no shame in admitting your in trouble and need help.

Robert Heilman

George Will, Michael Gerson and David Brooks are all reasonable conservative columnists. Trump apologist and Fox News figure Marc Thiessen is just a partisan hack.





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