I'd like to respond to Pete DeFazio's recent comments made in The News-Review.

For one, some people cannot wear a mask due to real respiratory conditions.

Secondly, anywhere from 10 to 50% of first responders, EMTs and nurses choose not to get vaccinated. Apparently Mr. DeFazio doesn't have the time or inclination to find out why. It's easier to simply dismiss this percentage of his constituents as "idiots," as he did in an unchallenged one-on-one interview with The News-Review on Aug 31. Which is unfortunate. He could have also gone into detail as to why he supported each and every executive order that Joe Biden signed, from weakening our energy independence to compromising our border security, to the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Which, since DeFazio has not been critical as to how that happened, I can only surmise that he was OK with it?

Joe Cooper


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I'll just leave this right here: https://www.nursingworld.org/news/news-releases/2021/ew-survey-data--nurses-recommend-covid-19-vaccines/


Like so much mental toilet paper...pre-soiled with woulda-coulda-shoulda rabbit holes.


I have had the time and inclination to ask nurses and first responders I know why they are choosing to not get vaccinated.

Number 1 reason given: They believe the debunked claim that it will adversely impact fertility. This bogus claim came right out of the Kremlin's basement when Bill Gates was trying to wipe out polio in Africa and the Middle East. It's untrue. It benefited Putin to keep those areas destabilized by scaring people. It worked. The rumor has been repurposed for covid.

Number Two. Bill Gates. He wants to microchip us, people say as they carry a cell phone that already has you chipped and your every move followed.

Number Three: The vaccine is experimental and they don't want to put unknown chemicals in their bodies, they say as they vape nicotine and fruit flavoring and eat "chicken" nuggets. BTW, Pfizer has been fully approved by the FDA.

Number Four: It's full of magnetic metals. They know because they saw someone place an aluminum paperclip on their sweaty chest and it stuck. If you fall for that one ... well, figure it out for yourselves.

Number Five: Nobody is going to tell them what to do, as they stop at stop signs, drive on the correct side of the road, wear seat belts, find designated drivers when they go out drinking and put sunscreen on their kids.

Number Six: They're young (ish) and healthy. They're taking vitamins and they rather trust their immune systems and natural means to protect them. I guess they forget they had norovirus, three colds and herpes on their mouths in the past couple years.

I'm sure there are other reasons, but those are the ones my sample gave me. I didn't call anyone an idiot. But I wanted to. Calling people names doesn't help anything, but Geez Louise! Have a little compassion and empathy, please, for those of us who have reached a high level of frustration over the death count and worry over those who keep putting themselves at risk without vaccination or a mask.

Oh, I just remembered another one: They aren't hurting anyone but themselves if they get covid. Really? Really???? Please think about that one and get back to me.


Joe Cooper: you write, "Apparently Mr. DeFazio doesn't have the time or inclination to find out why."

Seems to me, he explained why. In a single word.

At this point, I'd be inclined to use a somewhat longer string of nouns and adjectives, but Peter is being kind.


I'm not sure it is possible for an "idiot" to comprehend and dispute their own idiodic behavior?

According to psychologists (below link), an idiot has the least intelligence on the IQ scale, an imbecile is not quite as dumb as an idiot and a moron is the next level of intelligence and is considered mildly mentally retarded.

I suspect you are correct. Peter was just being kind.


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