I'd like to second Mr Vincent's opinion (The News-Review, May 15) about the Idaho issue with one exception. While I share his frustrations and vision of the future, I have reached a different conclusion. Like he, I feel we are in the "death throes, politically, moving away from the citizenry," which has fundamentally changed Oregon. The change has been slow and incremental from an industrious, hard working, productive population to a dependent, welfare seeking and obedient herd of disciples.

Oregonians who want a voice in our government and its destination (and are not living in the population belt from Portland to Eugene) have seemingly lost that voice. I believe strongly (perhaps wrongly) that we haven't reached the point of no return where observation of the failed system in the once "Great State of California" will be a lesson.

Shifting our borders to include a portion of us into Idaho (who have their own problems) is running from the issue. It may become necessary at some point to resort to some drastic measure, but I believe (and pray) it hasn't reached that point yet.

Carl White

Myrtle Creek

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You’ve served up a little food for thought, Mr. White. It’s been a couple of tough years for every one of us for one reason or the other, and it’s up to folks to spend less energy on setting blame and more energy on working towards an intelligent future. Thinking that two states and the Federal government are going to cheerfully and expeditiously allow state borders to morph simply due to the numbers of Republicans and Democrats is basically sophomoric.

Southern Oregon is represented in state politics and law making, but, alas, more people in Oregon have voted Democrat. It may not be that way in the future…perhaps even sooner than later. Who knows…the Republicans may become heroes in Oregon, but I’m not sure how, because the Republicans are not transparent about their views for the future.

Trump introduced America to a new way to politic: get people mad about whatever they want to be mad about. Sanction chaos at every level of society, stand back and make money off those who don’t care if they are fools. You mention that Americans were once “…an industrious, hard working, productive population…”, and I worry that far too many of us today don’t want to work anymore…are instead hoping for a lucky score with crypto currency or some other scam. Let’s face it, half the country just wants to be rich like Trump without merit.

D Steel

Speaking generally, if you can’t handle being a citizen of Oregon, you’re more than welcome to relocate to any other of the 49 states. If you can’t handle living in the USA, there’s other countries to choose from. Find one that aligns with your political leanings, pack or sell your belongings and be happier somewhere, anywhere, else. It’s past time for those to shut up or pack up. I, for one, am tired of the whiners. I’m being as respectful as I can but at some point you need to honest, if you’re unhappy, leave. There’s nothing stopping you but your whines.


The second time in less than 3 years that we voted DOWN this merging with Idaho. Take a clue backers of this worthless agenda “Oregonians are staying in Oregon. If you want to be in Idaho, move there”


Carl, we live in uncommonly stressful times. You go ahead and pray about drastic measures, but stow speaking of them in public. It's drastic measures that cause triggering in people who can find guns. People get killed simply from someone's notion of (unidentified) drastic measures. smh

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