I'm responding to a letter Joe Yetter wrote about Joe Biden and his "good job" regarding Afghanistan.

Bidens' administration left over 83 billion dollars of the best armor and equipment for the terrorist taliban group. They also left Americans there so they could get the afghans out vetted or not. He moved the armed forces out before extricating the Americans. The more illegals, the more votes for Democrats.

Tell those 13 families who lost their children what a good job Biden has done! They were sitting ducks for his botched job.

Inflation, open border, gas prices going up almost every day, and now his unconstitutional call for vaccine mandates . Which will put a lot of people out of work. Last time I checked we live in a free country. If we don't fight for our freedoms we will have no freedoms left! Joe Biden is a poor excuse for a president. He has no compassion for anyone. Pray for America!

Nancy Peters


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George Weston

I wonder if the letter writer only gets her news from one source. One needs to get their news from multiple sources to be well informed. If one only gets news from one source, they are least informed or ill informed at best.


Bull. "Bidens' administration left over 83 billion dollars of the best armor and equipment for the terrorist taliban group."

No. Over a period of 20 years, we spent a *total* of approximately $83 billion on training and equipment and supplies for the Afghan army. Of that $83 billion, a teeny-tiny fraction was left on the tarmac and environs. Ammunition that was bought 20 years ago was not around when the Taliban took over.

Energy drinks that were bought during the last 19 years were probably mostly gone, and if the Taliban got a couple of energy drinks, to consume while they were actually assisting Americans and Afghans to get to the airport, I can't say I begrudge them that. Ditto candy bars. Night vision goggles and small arms are another issue, but only a tiny fraction of the ones we purchased over two decades were captured by the Taliban. MRAPs and other heavy equipment were mostly "demilitarized" – – destroyed--before we left. We did deliberately leave the Taliban two functional fire trucks on the tarmac, and honestly, if we want the airport to continue to function well, so that more people could leave – – *as they have* – – functional fire trucks are a reasonable asset to turn over. With manuals and a bit of training,

Back of the envelope calculation suggest that the Taliban got a couple million dollars worth of stuff, and most of it is as usable as spent ammo, bricked computers, molten MRAPs, ashed helicopters, Snickers bars, energy drinks, and older laptops.

That $83B claim is utterly bogus. The rest of the claims are inaccurate or distorted.


"All told, the Pentagon left behind tens of billions of dollars' worth of equipment given to Afghan security forces. The U.S. government spent $83 billion to train and equip the Afghan army, according to the special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction." https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2021/08/30/what-military-equipment-left-behind-afghanistan-us/5658895001/


Because they spent "$83 billion to train and equip the Afghan army" doesn't mean $83 billion was left behind. Certainly a significant portion of the "$83 billion" was spent on paying the salaries, supplying their uniforms, feeding supplying the arms and housing the U.S. trainers. I'm confident a significant portion of that $83 billion was spent just transporting the necessary troops, their food and drinks, etc. Just because $83 billion was spent on Afghanistan doesn't mean it was all "left behind."


You appear outraged that 13 Americans died in Afghanistan, yet I don’t remember reading your letter of outrage for the 49 Douglas County residents who died in August or the 27 Douglas County residents who have died from Covid in just the last week. These county residents were people who lived among us, family members, people we knew. They were NOT people who willingly signed up for a job as a soldier, whose duties knowingly put them at risk.

Our fellow Douglas County residents are continuing to die needlessly. Where is your outrage about that?

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