This is for those people who still do not understand why a lot of people can start removing their masks. For instance, those who have had the virus and recovered, and those who have had their vaccines. This comes from the Merriam-Webster dictionary definitions:

What is the immune system?

The immune system is what protects your body from diseases and infections. It's the bodily system that produces the immune response to defend your body from foreign substances, cells, and tissues. The immune system includes various parts of the body including the thymus, spleen, lymph nodes, special deposits of lymphoid tissue (such as those in the gastrointestinal tract and bone marrow), macrophages, lymphocytes including the B cells and T cells, and antibodies.

What is herd immunity?

The term herd immunity refers to a reduction in the likelihood of someone catching a specific infectious disease because a significant proportion of the people in that person's community are immune to it. If you are less likely to come in contact with an infectious person, you're less likely to get infected yourself. The people in a community can be immune to a particular disease especially through previous exposure or vaccination.

Rise Briggs


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Scott Mendelson

"A little knowledge is a dangerous thing." --Alexander Pope


And then there are those of us who let the scientists lead the way with updated reports on how Covid-19 has mutated in Oregon because of those who refused to wear masks for their political reasons. You'll never change your opinion. And I'll never change mine. Those who have had the virus have no assurance their immune systems carry enough antibodies to fend off this virus especially in its "now" mutated form(s), and those who receive one vaccine should continue to wear a mask until two weeks after their second vaccination. Let the scientists lead the way here rather than Merriam-Webster. I've never witnessed one person be so intolerant of such a simple life-saving mask. It's as if you prefer death to others, an indirect Typhoid Mary save that even Typhoid Mary had no idea she was infectious.

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