Impeachment is dead!

When the second impeachment of Donald Trump started, and myself being an independent, I watched the impeachment trial with an open mind. I wanted to learn the facts of the case just as any juror should. The house prosecution presented their case and their case was very compelling. They laid out facts, evidence and a time line of the incident at the capital on Jan. 6th. The defense attorneys laid out their case. I found it to be confusing, rambling and hard to follow. One thing I found confounding was that there was little rebuttal of the facts presented by the house managers. The defense case was predominately based on the constitutionality of the impeachment trial. I understand the differences between an impeachment and a regular court trial. The fact that the jurors were the senators who had taken an oath to be non-biased was absurd. Some of the Republican senators chose to meet with the defense attorney's and plan a strategy. I find this bizarre if not unethical.

The founding fathers of our country were exceptionally smart. They built the constitution covering almost every scenario possible. However I believe they blew it on the impeachment clause.

The jury should not be senators. They have proven that power and getting reelected is the only thing that is important to them and a guilty person should not pay a price. They would probably not have even convicted Charles Manson if it meant a loss of power! They will pick party over country every time. The one thing I am happy about is that these senators will never serve as a juror in court here in Douglas County!

William Anderson

Myrtle Creek

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Rise722's not constitutional to impeach a private citizen...learn the rules...


Uh.... Trump was impeached as a sitting president, not a private citizen. Learn the difference between a House Impeachment and a Senate Impeachment Trial. And no, you're not going to learn the difference from FOX Entertainment News.


A very weak argument. The question was asked and answered by The Senate. It actually happened, therefore, it was real.


I have served on juries in Douglas County, including one that ended up as an 11-1 hung jury. i was the one hold out. Despite excellent instructions from the judge, the other jurors kept saying the defendant did not prove himself innocent. I kept saying he didn't have. It was up to the prosecution to prove the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

The House Impeachment Managers, ie, the prosecutors, did an excellent job of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that ex-pres Trump was guilty of inciting the insurrection on January 6.

I am impressed that even 7 GQP senators voted to convict Trump. They will suffer consequences, but they showed they had character, conscience and that they took their oath of office seriously. The 43 other Republican senators showed their True Colors. Unfortunately, many Americans seem blinded to true colors. I hope they recover before the next election.


"If I ever commit a major crime, I really hope the jury is made up of the people who helped me do it." Colin Mochrie


You had no need to worry that those "senators will never serve as a juror in court here in Douglas County!"

Douglas County is already full-up in that catagory.


Make no mistake. We are in a fight for the survival of our democracy. And the fact that the majority of republican senators violated their oath of office in saying "not guilty" does not inspire me with hope that our democracy will endure.


A vote of "guilty" is very different from a vote to Impeach. The most important thing to most politicians is that word "vote" -- and it's what they need from their home states to stay alive, politically. Senators are not impartial jurists -- they are very partial representatives of those folks back home. Chances are that they want to be reelected -- and thanks to Trump encouraging those of a certain mentality, I'm sure more than a few were worried about violent retaliation coming with a guilty vote. With trump losing his office, Homeland Security and the FBI both on the prowl, most of these folks might crawl back to whatever they were hiding under pre-Trump. And some might just be okay with dying.

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