It has been 22 days since Biden assigned the border problem to Harris. Harris has no current plans to visit the border and see the outrageous surge of migrants. It's questionable, but Guatamala may be in her visiting plans. Joe has no plans to visit the border either.

I agree with Hilliard (April 7, The News-Review) in the impeachment of Biden. We should also remove Harris along with Pelosi, Schumer and other far left radicals before America is destroyed permanently.

This Biden administration is irrational and spiteful toward all that Trump did to further the "Make America Great Again" movement.

Biden and Harris are continuing to run an irrational administration.

Impeachment now is the answer before the United States is destroyed forever.

Sylvia Coyne


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Sylvia, so you want impeachment. And you feel Harris is telling lies. Do you have some investment in immigration? Is current immigration policy affecting you personally? Then there's "spiteful" against the last guy. Can you tell us in readerville how the last guy made America great for you personally, please. I'd like to know that you're invested in a clear understanding of what he did that helped you in some way. I'd like you to be able to state something specific rather than just a very subjective general slogan of MAGA. Is it easier for you to grab ahold of whatever you might hear during the day to become so angry that you feel the need to demand an impeachment? What do you think it would mean if President Biden and Vice President Harris got impeached? What if all your evil Congress members were taken out of Congress. What would happen after that? What do you feel would happen afterwards for the country? What would your country be for you to feel content rather than angry. Be specific, it will help you understand exactly why you're angry.


Sylvia, Please use your 2nd amendment right and shoot your radio and TV. They are killing what remaining vital brain cells you might have had.


Sylvia, Sylvia, Sylvia, you need to read the constitution, you know that document you say everyone should defend.


[thumbup] p.s. The lights may be on, but don't think anyone is home.


"Irrational" is not something one can be impeached for, especially since it hasn't happened. You'll get to vote again come November of 2024. This is purely a guess -- you might also hold out some hope for assassination? Am I close?

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