Everybody wants more transparency…at least from everybody else. Therefore, Kimberli S. Holmquist, I would like to encourage, from your group, “Community Rights Douglas County”, the same type of full-disclosure that you desire from our commissioners.

You say that “Community Rights Douglas County” has no connection to Umpqua Watersheds, but John Hunter is the president…hmm. Alright, what percentage of your group are also supporters of Umpqua Watersheds (coincidentally of course)? What percentage of your group were involved in protesting the logging of Busenbark Park … and then, the ridiculous revolution over the removal of dead and dying danger trees from other county parks? What percentage of your group was involved with the initiative known as “Home Rule”? By the way, the “Home Rule” folks also insisted that they had no connection to Umpqua Watersheds…hmm. I guess nobody wants to be connected to Umpqua Watersheds anymore.

If I’ve become a little over-bearing in a time when Trump-supporting conservatives like myself are being censured, canceled and blackballed, I’m sorry…not sorry. We live in one of the few, predominantly-conservative counties on the West Coast, and I intend to do everything in my power to keep it that way. Therefore, I have three more questions for you, Kimberli…in the name of transparency. What percentage of your group are Progressive Democrats, or at least politically “left-leaning”? Does your group have an agenda to insert liberal, left-leaning elected officials (i.e. commissioners) into Douglas County’s government? In other words, are you guys trying to bring Kate Brown’s crap right into our own house?

I think not! You are concerned about the type of poisons that the county uses as herbicides on county lands. I can relate to that… I’m concerned about the kind of political poisons that groups like yours might want to apply to county’s like ours.

Todd Vaughn


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Thanks Todd, you inspired another wonderful MAGA movement this morning. Please keep on writing...part of me finds your words actually very helpful.


If you don't know or care about the facts and don't know what you are talking about you throw mud at the wall and hope some of it sticks. We can expect nothing more from Todd(ler) Vaughn.

George Weston

Todd, you are losing it. You need to seek help.


Even more Todd, transparency is expected of elected leaders. No timber industry company is expected to be transparent and you can be sure they do their best to influence public policy. Lastly, dude, you have no right to keep Douglas County anything, conservative or otherwise.


My words to you Todd

"Please don't dominate the rap, Jack

If you've got nothing new to say."



Todd, I feel sorry for you. You must be filled with too much fear & hate. I wonder how you even step out your front door. Sad, sad, sad.

What are you trying to accomplish? There is already way too much division & lack of cooperation. Now you exacerbate the situation with misinformation and erroneously believe that will upset people. Wrong. Not upset. Not surprised. Just confused & disgusted because you live in my community. You are an embarrassment to the community. Most of the people in this community try to help each other.


Todd, I've been a member or leader in various civic groups over the past decades and never once did we ask those kinds of questions of our members or supporters. We also didn't ask what church they went to or even if the went to church. Did they support UCC sports? Did they participate in Graffiti Weekend or the Greatest of the Grape? Did they go the Blackberry Festival? Were they in the Million Dollar circle for selling real estate? Who did they vote for? Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. Maybe you have to answer those questions if you're a card carrying Trump supporting member of the GOP, but I've never ever had anyone ask me those kinds of questions, not even the Chamber of Commerce, even though it did seem that some members looked at me suspiciously. But no one ever asked. They had manners and a sense of propriety.

You're making an impossible demand and it's no a good look on you.

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