Perhaps no mask, no vaxers should be charged with murder now that innocent babies and children are dying because of them.

The Douglas County Sheriff and our silent commissioners are supposed to protect us from disasters like the highly contagious and deadly delta variant.

If we are at war against this virus, then perhaps causing deaths from this are war crimes.

I have a right to safety.

I no longer feel safe in Douglas County.

Diana Pace


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Comment deleted.

Wow...I'm simply amazed at the intelligence and poise you are bringing to this discussion. Impressive!


Those in the White House hasn’t been vaxed and those on Roseburg City Council hasn’t been vaxed, no mandate for homeless to wear mask or be vaxed, and you believe this isn’t political? Lol


I know the President and the first lady have been vaccinated because I watched it happen on TV. The information I've read long ago is everyone around the president has been also vaccinated to protect the President's health.

Can you please specify who in the White House has NOT been "vaxed" and maybe the link to your information source?


Of course it's political, just look at your comment. People like you make everything political. If it was based purely on medical science, rational people would see the evidence and get vaccinated. If you don't believe in real doctors and real science, don't go to a hospital if you catch Covid. You don't trust them, remember? Wouldn't want you to be hypocritical.

Ms. Pellegrino-Reid

What's the broo haha about vaccines? It is politics, plain and simple.

Vaccines have been and continue to be mandatory since the time of George Washington in every state. No children may attend day care, elementary, secondary school or Universitites without the state mandated vaccines. Certain jobs mandate certain vaccines. THose vaccines are , to mention a few, Polio, Hepatitis, Meningitis, Measles, Whooping Cough, HPV in some states etc...It is a shame we have to have government intervention to mandate on state and federal levels good common sense. If it were not for these mandates most of us would not be alive today nor born. This is not rocket science but to Republicans desperate to keep ill informing their constituents it is about keeping us all angry and fighting rather than working collaboratively for the best interests of our children, our neighbors and our world.


In Texas, the bodily fluids of someone infected with HIV are considered a deadly weapon. People have gone to jail for exposing others even if the other person didn't get infected. But in Texas, schools and cities can't mandate masks. Covid is much more deadly than HIV. Does that make sense?

A Texas man with HIV was sentenced to 12 years for spitting on a cop. How are cops supposed to protect themselves from covid positive people who don't have to wear masks?

In Iowa, the penalties for exposing someone to HIV were lowered. However, you can still get 5 years in prison even if you don't infect the other person.

In various states the laws are kind of wild. If a person has an undetectable HIV viral load and if they use a condom and if the other person does not get infected, the person with HIV can still be found criminally and civilly liable due to their reckless disregard for others.

Why do these laws apply to HIV, but not to covid? It's impossible to say this has anything to do with safety or public health. It's all politics.

Ms. Pellegrino-Reid


Huge bbfan

Each individual is responsible for their own safety.

The question is. Are people anti vaccinations, I don't think so. Or are they anti tyrannical, overreaching government?


Huge bbfan:

You write, "Each individual is responsible for their own safety." Well, that's nice. No need for our military, police, fire departments, public health departments.

Like most libertarian dreams, it's absurd.


You’re entitled to that thought until you become a contagion.

Ms. Pellegrino-Reid

Vaccines have been mandated and continue to be mandated since George Washington. This is politics , the Republicans are manipulating the constitutents with wrong information to keep you angry. Vaccines are mandatory, any disease that threatens the health and safety of the populace can be mandated . That is how it has been and shall be as long as we are a Democracy. Your point is mute.

D Steel

Yes, immediate consequences for the holdouts. However, I prefer something that will leave an impact. Maybe a size 13 boot where the sun doesn’t shine, although two beers later they’ll be asking for a size 18 boot.


My wife and I were surprised to see only a handful of maskless people shopping at Sherms yesterday, and most appeared to be wearing their masks correctly. This is a far cry from what we observed on previous Sherms shopping trips as recent as last week. I’m guessing the 61 Douglas County Covid deaths in the last 20 days are finally knocking sense into people who believe political defiance is brave.

But there are still those holdouts who continue to endanger everyone around them. Take for example the holdout family of five all shopping maskless together at Sherms. Father, mother and three children, all maskless. And particularly the maskless father who glared at everyone, just hoping someone would comment on the T-shirt he was wearing boldly proclaiming on both the front and back “**ck Kate Brown.” No doubt his children are proud of their daddy’s bravery.


A customer who refused to wear a mask in a Wells Fargo bank waited in the parking lot to violently ambush the manager at the end of his shift.


Security guards recruited to protect workers at mobile COVID-19 vaccination units following months of anti-vaxxer harassment.


About 300 Purdue University students or employees face disciplinary action for failing to comply with the school’s mandatory COVID-19 testing for those who haven’t provided proof of vaccination.


Wow..."if you can't say something nice." Hopefully you're able to laugh at

rude comments. You have every right to share your feelings. Rude and

hurtful comments come from those who lack compassion, are self-centered and have a need to cause negative drama. What they say, says everything

about them, not you!

While I completely understand what you're saying, maybe the 'charges' should be a little less. Your concept is great, though!


Diana, there are many of us in the county who believe there was no line in the sand when it came to who fell victim and died in the last 18 months. The sheer increasing number of victims should have been an awakening moment but we find that the only reason our leaders continue to defy death of so many is based strictly on their political affiliation to the New Republican Party. The New Republican Party is intent on perpetuating hate and division toward another civil war. In truth, the civil war began with the first racist comments made by Trump. Fascists picked up the baton and eagerly began an organized plan, covert, subversive and insidious in nature to bring white supremacy to the entire nation. It's happening now with atrocious results. You have good reason to feel unsafe, no one is safe from civil war. War is something the citizens of this country haven't experienced in 155 years save for the insurrection we all witnessed on January 6th. Fear of actual bloodletting and death during war is normal and natural. You are one in millions across the entire country who no longer feel safe - with good reason. The mistake us non-fascist folk are making is not using a wider lens to see what's been happening since January 20th, 2017, almost a complacency brought on by sheer disbelief that Fascism is rushing to rule the U.S.


No, it will never be time for extreme measures like that.


You’re in desperate need of serious psychological help. It would appear that this plandemic has infected your reasoning


Maybe it's time you simply moved away.


Whom is your reply addressed to Mrs. Briggs? Will you ever bring clarity? Will you ever bring some "meat" to any discussion? Inquiring minds want to know.


Or maybe time for you to get out of our country. Take your Covid-infested filth and be gone.

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