Every time I shop for groceries in Roseburg, I notice discarded disposable masks scattered in the parking lot. Although this has been so for some time, the number of dropped masks seems to be increasing every week.

Is this some sort of protest? Do people who object to the signs indicating that they must wear masks in the store feel that by dropping them on the pavement instead of disposing of them as they should makes some kind of useful statement?

Do they not realize that someone else has to pick up and dispose of the masks? Do they think the people who have made the decisions about masking are the people who will do that?

Wake up, people. If you drop your mask, the person who will have to retrieve it will undoubtedly be one of those front-line workers who has braved the virus month after month so you could have the luxury of shopping in a well-stocked grocery store in spite of a world-wide pandemic. And they are probably working for minimum wage. Do you feel good about adding another unpleasant job to their workday?

Regardless of how you feel about masks, after you've worn one, either take it home to dispose of or dispose of it in one of the handy trash containers right outside the door. It's the least you can do for one of your fellow human beings.

Prudy Zorotovich


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I have not seen masks littering parking lots either, and I have been to quite a few stores in town lately.


Just pointing out the obvious, but if people aren’t wearing masks, they wouldn’t have any to litter the ground with. The mask litter would be from the mask wearers, correct?


Most restaurants and some Douglas County stores require their patrons to wear a mask while in the establishment. They provide masks to the anti-maskers who attempt to enter maskless and who promptly turn around and leave while tossing to the ground the business provided mask. I've watched that occur recently while dining at a Roseburg restaurant.


No, they are required to wear them in stores and toss them when they come out.


You just need look at Douglas County’s anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers to realize most of the face masks thrown on the ground are a strong anti-authoritarian streak, a two-fingered salute to our Tyrannical government, “No one tells me what to do!.”

It’s not just Roseburg. I saw the same recently in South Tahoe. There were both discarded gloves and masks in streets and parking lots, left behind by people who couldn’t be bothered to find a nearby trash bin.


Prudy, excellent. I was at the Michaels yesterday, and besides noticing that about 2/3 of the customers did not wear a mask, I noticed about seven lying on the ground in the parking lot. They were all cheap, and perhaps people can consider them disposable, but not into the wind. I think that you give people too much credit. This is not the result of protesting; it is the result laziness, bad citizenship, and apathy for you neighbor.

Huge bbfan

I go to about 4 grocery stores a week, on average. And I've never seen any masks 😷 discarded in any parking lots. Weird.


Huge, your comments are insincere. Either you have seen them or you haven't been to a grocery store since the pandemic--excuse me, the hoax--began.

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