I was overjoyed to read the Letter to the Editor of Feb. 18 in which my name was mentioned four times. Never have I ever been mentioned so often in a 300-word letter. I was equally excited to discover that so many dedicated individuals and organizations have been working so tirelessly over the years to protect the beauty of Douglas County. And I have been so impressed with the News Review’s willingness to publish my Guest column and Letters to The Editors in such a timely manner. Thank You!

Living in Douglas County with all its natural wonders has inspired me to marvel at the resiliency of its communities. So, it was only natural for me to become involved in the Community Rights Movement and work to strengthen the sovereign rights of our communities. I am blessed that my work is aided by state and national organizations who are providing me and those who fight with me funding, support and legal aid.

It is invigorating to know that our combined efforts at both the county and state level to pass the Community Rights Amendment to Our State Constitution will provide a necessary shift in decision making (for the individual local communities) needed to advocate more fully on behalf of local people, their communities as well as their environment. I would be thrilled if you contacted me for more information.

When I read my name mentioned so many times in one letter, I could see how the public now wants to demand that we shatter the myths of old and insist we continue from this point forward having nothing less than meaningful democratic dialogue between the community and its county government.

I adore the communities of Douglas County. Together we can make them so much better.

Kimberli Holmquist


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Isn't it nice to see some people urging Communities to work together by creating meaningful democratic dialogue. Why would anyone object to that idea ?

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