The local GOP needs to tell Heard to resign.

Heard claims to follow Christianity, but fails to "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's" [Matthew 22:21]

He is a threat to the health and safety of his constituents- who are NOT only the people who agree with his perverted views, but all of the people in SD-1.

He threatens law-abiding citizens.

He is a pariah in the state senate.

He is yet again being called out for his obnoxious behavior, this time by the Oregonian editorial board,

He must go. Republicans, do your job.

Patricia Sherman


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Yes he should but no he won't. Remember where we live. From Jeff Kruse to Gary Leif to Dallas Heard, we only send our worst to represent Douglas County. Which means we have no representation at the State level. "Owning the libs" at any cost is popular here. Hey, Dallas, how many of those Viper raffle tickets have you sold? LOL.


Good letter, Patricia.[thumbup]


Republican extremism may not be concern to future voters if Republican defections continue as they have since the Capitol riots. Thousands of registered members of the Republican Party continue to change their voter registration. The massive wave of defections is virtually unprecedented and could spell trouble for a party that is trying to find its way after losing the presidential race and the Senate majority. It could also represent the tip of a much larger iceberg. Many voters are changing their affiliation in key swing states that were at the heart of the battle for the White House and control of Congress. Nearly 10,000 Pennsylvania voters dropped out of the Republican Party in the first 25 days of the year, according to the secretary of state’s office.

Almost 6,000 North Carolina voters have dropped their affiliation with the GOP. Nearly 5,000 Arizona voters are no longer registered Republicans.


Closer to home,in Oregon the GOP registration has declined by 4876 since October (last data available through December only). But Dems lost even more at 6629.

Numbers do not account for the January insurrection however.


Let us know when they do. It's kind of an IQ test.


Pat Sherman: Exactly. Dallas ("Filthy Traitors") Heard is the Republicans' problem. They appointed him to replace yet another disgraced Republican State Senator, then supported him, excused his inexcusable behavior in the Oregon State Senate (and even colluded in inviting in an armed mob). We would all be better off if Heard resigned or was recalled, but it's up to Republicans.

He is their mess. And he is an exemplar of the new GQP Trump Party.




Yes, Citizenjoe & Pat Sherman,

Also, feeding the problem of "Republican inexcusable behavior" are our Douglas County Commissioners, Chris Boice & Time Freeman. They cut the deals to get Dallas & Gary elected

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