I am a native to Roseburg, I was born and raised around this area all of my life.

When I was kid, I used to love to go shopping in the downtown area with my family. When I became old enough and started having a family of my own, I was thrilled that they would get to experience Roseburg as I had in the past.

I am scared to even walk downtown or near the duck pond because of the homeless population.

I do not fault anyone because they are homeless, I am calling out those who are criminal and addicts who will not do for themselves.

I am calling out the City of Roseburg and our County Commissioners to ask them to put a stop to the craziness.

If a person is not willing to make their life better than maybe it is time for them to move on.

If they are not willing to get help for mental health issues and drug addictions and show they are improving it is time for them to move out of the city.

I think we should take some of the County and Cities funds to hire someone to keep track of this and to hire staff under them to make sure things are getting done.

I think it is a shame that local businesses and property owners, who work hard to provide for this community and their families, have to put up with someone vandalizing or littering their property.

I think the County Commissioners and the City should do something about it. Either get the help you need or move on and if you don't then you will be escorted from parks, streets, bridges, the duck pond and other businesses.

I have empathy for all.

Glenna Abrao


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"I have empathy for all." Yeah. That claim runs counter to the evidence that preceded it.

"I am not a crook."

"I am a very stable genius."

"I'm not a racist, but...."


So many of the homeless are Veterans. They come back scared from wars, conflicts and many other wounds. In reality, any city, county or state has enough money to help the homeless. It's a matter of, ifvthey want to or not. Politicians do not need to make the salary they do. When people start thinking about other people and not themselves, a lot of problems will disappear.

Marine Vet

I have Empathy for all.? *** " If they are not willing to get help for mental health issues and drug addictions and show they are improving it is time for them to move out of the city. "....WOW. Many are Veterans who Served this country. Why don't you get your Group together & Stand in front of the VA Hospital & demand they Take Care of their own. I see it Constantly stated here. They ani't from Around here They should go. Folks this is AMERICA & in AMERICA there are No State Lines or County Lines a Man or Woman can cross that will take away that very Fact. They are AMERICANS in Need of Help. Full Stop.


[thumbup] And there should be absolutely no need for you to remind people of this. Americans live free for a reason and it should never be forgotten.


It's time we do something FOR our unhoused citizens.

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