Elections have consequences.

In his first year so far, President Joe Biden has done the following:

1. Developed a plan for and implemented the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines with availability to everyone nationwide;

2. Signed a relief bill which put hundreds of dollars in every American’s pocket and hundreds of dollars every month for children (decreasing child poverty by 50%);

3. Ended the war in Afghanistan and evacuated hundreds of thousands of Afghanis who supported coalition forces over the last two decades;

4. Created more jobs in 10 months than the former President created in his first two years;

5. Signed an infrastructure bill that will create millions of high paying jobs in the United States and begin the work of creating 21st Century transportation, power, and communication networks;

6. Reestablished our nation’s partnerships with democracies around the world to effectively confront the schemes of our dictatorial and authoritarian adversaries;

7. Reestablished the independence of the Department of Justice;

8. Began rebuilding the Department of State and increased support for diplomacy;

9. Reestablished respect for our intelligence agencies;

10. Reasserted respect for leaders of our military services and those who serve our nation;

11. AND, coming very soon, President Biden will sign the Build Back Better Bill which includes the first and largest investment in programs to respond to climate change in history.

Just imagine what can be accomplished in the next seven years.

Daniel Robertson


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I notice none of the respondents who disagree with the contents of the letter actually dispute any of the accomplishments. It's a typical ploy to simply call names and say they know what the truth is .. with zero backing.

Also, I'll never understand the tag put on Biden that he has 'dementia'. This after 4 years of - slurred speech, toilet paper on the shoe, covfefe texts, and on and on and on.


Just another lib with blinders on. Read some real news and get the facts. Dementia Joe and his joke of an administration are a disaster and without President Trump we wouldn't have had a vaccine so soon. Afghanistan was a debacle and hundreds are still stranded and many have been tortured and killed in heinous ways. Look up journalist Lara Logan and read the facts about what is happening right now in Afghanistan. The rest of your letter is pure garbage!


Pfizer Vaccine’s Funding Came From Berlin, Not Washington



smedleyb: facts, schmacts.

Let's not get in the way of our mission, OK? Remember the plan: convince Republicans that the virus is a hoax, the vaccine has microchips and makes you sterile and makes you dangerous because it makes you shed the virus (even though the virus is still a hoax), etc, etc. Anyway: the plan is, Republicans won't get the vaccination, and they will die in greater and greater proportions--as they are actually doing, right now, so the plan is working. If they discover our plan, and start getting vaccinated, well, then, the plan is blown. So, sssshhhhhhhhh.


Daniel: Yes!

Over my lifetime--75 years now--Democrats have delivered far better than Republicans, with regard to the economy, and, well, *progress* in general.

There have been 12 recessions in my lifetime. 10 of the 12 started under Republican presidents. My, what a string of bad luck.

*Every* Republican president since Benjamin Harrison (who served from 1889 to 1893), had a recession start in his first term in office.

Here's the list of recessions that have occurred in my lifetime:

February 2020 (Trump / R)

December 2007 (Bush 43 / R)

March 2001 (Bush 43 / R)

July 1990 (Bush 41 / R)

July 1981 (Reagan / R)

January 1980 (Carter / D)

November 1973 (Nixon / R)

December 1969 (Nixon / R)

April 1960 (Eisenhower / R)

August 1957 (Eisenhower / R)

July 1953 (Eisenhower / R)

November 1948 (Truman / D)

Economic growth, stock market growth, and job growth, are all far stronger under Democratic presidents that the dinosaur party.

I invite readers to look at data, especially from the St. Louis Fed. Link in comment below.


FRED: https://fred.stlouisfed.org


This analysis should be done with regard to which party is in control of congress. Congress has, if anything, greater power than the president over how the government taxes and spends. Is that analysis that's available?

Huge bbfan

WOW! None are so blind as he who will not see.

Welcome to the "Twilight Zone ".


Huge bbfan: speaking of not seeing, could you maybe take your white cane and tap around and "see" if any of my assertions were incorrect? For your convenience, you can get the economic data from FRED: https://fred.stlouisfed.org


Agree! This letter is just another example of a leftist who listens to journalists who are a part of the establishment and spout lies 24/7. Unbelievable!


djjones, in case you are unaware, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, one of 12 branches of the Federal Reserve system, maintains one of the world's most comprehensive online economic databases. It is THE source of record used by banks, industry and everyone else who needs sound well-researched economic data. It is neither a liberal now a conservative think tank. It is neutral.


melrosereader: yes, but, "Reality has a well-known liberal bias."

(---Stephen Colbert, in character, at the 2006 White House Correspondents' Dinner)


melrosereader, and dljones: FRED also does excellent webinars. The one coming up next weeks looks especially good:


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