Regarding Todd Vaughn's letter in The News-Review on March 31, "Welcome to the destroy America project:"

"Sons of perditon," indeed Mr. Vaughn! But fear not, for victory is coming soon and God's justice will prevail in our nation.

Ed Armstrong


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False prophets and dooms day sayers will only lead people to their own doom. When this writer presumes to blame a godless nation for the problems of the world and clearly thinks his world views are not messed up, then we have a real problem. Perhaps Mr. Vance has a following of eager beavers. But his thought process is rather horrid and errant. I wish to believe that people who work towards unity through knowledge and order can make society better. You do not have to hide in the rabbit hole he lives in. Mr. Vance, I wish you well. But try to get some hope and joy in your life. Your political views are dangerous and cause tooth decay.

Marine Vet

A God that Demands Sacrifice's isn't a Real God.

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