Keep the Indian mascot.

1) Fighting and winning school sports tradition for football, tennis, and the last decade of wrestling domination shows Indians are fierce warriors.

2) After living in Roseburg for over half a century, I've never heard a derogatory comment of the Indian sports symbol mascot.

3) RHS should have a permanent display of Cow Creek and any other tribes with artifacts. Famous native Americans should be recognized.

4) RHS can celebrate Indian or native American month to be included with Black history month since slavery was not an issue in Oregon.

If out voted for name change of the proud Indian name, change it to the following:

1) Native Americans — they owned the land and were sent to reservations.

2) Indigenous People day is celebrated in 14 states and 130 cities instead of Columbus Day; and Roseburg could do the same.

3) Roseburg could be known for recognizing our Native Americans. A chief and brave could be recognized with statues that are more appropriate than the Hebe statue downtown to attract visitors. Maybe Seven Feathers Indian Casino could help fund statues in the downtown, and elsewhere native American heritage could be listed by chamber of Commerce displays. This could go along with the fishing and timber industry themes for Roseburg.

The Native Americans were ecological and maintained their natural environment.

Dick and Connie North


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