I am writing to endorse two particularly great candidates for the Roseburg School Board. Micki Hall and Keith Longie.

Micki Hall is seeking re-election to her current position in order to continue her volunteer service to the community, the families and the students who are served by our public schools. In my 40 plus years of being associated with the School District, I have rarely seen anyone more committed to this important work. Micki has tons of extraordinary and successful experience in the classroom and with extracurricular student activities. She really is, as they say, "in it for the kids". She is "right" for this important position because she believes at her very core, that every student should feel a strong sense of belonging, have influence in the school and classroom environment and acquire the skills that are adequate (and more) for achieving success.

Keith Longie is an extremely accomplished member of our community and a very close and trusted friend. He recently returned to our community where he has chosen to retire, and is committed to public service. I have known Keith since our days as young students at Umpqua Community College over 50 years ago. You will never meet a more analytical, considerate or capable person. Keith brings years of executive success to the position and integrity that I have never seen matched.

These are two extraordinary individuals, who will dedicate themselves to the important work of the School Board.

Please join me in re-electing Micki Hall and electing Keith Longie to the Roseburg School Board. They both have the wisdom, experience, character and competence necessary to succeed in such important work.

Lee Paterson


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Exactly! Let's make sure that these qualified, dedicate public servants continue to serve this community.

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