Those who want to change the name of the Roseburg Indians should be proud of the heritage of those Native Americans who have proudly and honorably held the name to the highest standards, not only in education, but sports as well. You shouldn't be ashamed that the school carries the name Indians as their mascot. Instead embrace the mascot and the honor it has bestowed on this county for all these years. Stand up and be proud of your heritage and let the Indians name stay on the RHS campus because they have never let it be a name to be ashamed of. The school has always been held in the highest regard for their academics and their sports programs and name of the mascot reminds them to hold themselves to the highest standard just as the mascot symbolizes.

Kay Anderson


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Mascot, mascot, when I think of the word mascot I think of a goat or a donkey not a native AMERICAN. How do you think the local native AMERICAN feel being called a mascot.


Kay - Your argument is very well stated. Thank you!


The word "heritage" fits the county but it doesn't have anything to do with the Tribe or RHS. "Heritage" is what White Supremacists angrily shout when protesting against losing statues of the leaders of the Confederate Army which lost the Civil War. "You can't destroy our heritage!" (of white supremacy). Yeah, that seems to fit a large number of people in the county. Everyone should question just exactly how supreme us white folk are.


I'm probably in the minority here, but I find the mascot outdated and a relic of an earlier time. It's not "cancel culture" to change with the times. I find it strange that the indigenous people of America would be okay be mislabeled as Indians (e.g.-people from India). In my opinion, this doesn't show them any honor at all. If you truly want to honor the indigenous people, change the name and set up a display on school grounds indicating why the name was changed to reflect the historical error of the term "Indian".

Roseburg Reader

Mislabeled? Our Umpqua tribe calls themselves, The Umpqua Tribe of Indians. So you are saying they are mislabeling themselves? Seriously? Most tribes around the U.S. call themselves Indians. Maybe you should tell them they are mislabeling themselves. Wow...


Yes, mislabeled. The indigenous people were referred to as Indians because Columbus thought he had landed in the West Indies. It would be akin to calling you an Australian because I boarded the wrong flight from Italy and ended up in the US instead of Australia.

As far as the mascot is concerned, how about only the local indigenous people get to vote on whether the mascot stays or goes since it's supposedly representing and honoring them and their culture?


I wonder if the banana slug mascot of the University of California Santa Cruz reminds students to hold themselves to the highest standard as their mascot symbolizes.


ha ha ha!!!! WELL SAID!!

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