These guys have lost their minds. Are they trying to totally ruin our state? If you read the front page of Sunday's edition of The News Review titled “Showing Initiatives” you should be as concerned as I am.

The state of Oregon was built on hunting, fishing and ranching. The deer, elk and fish are killed for a purpose — food on the table. Some folks rely on their ability to provide for their families.

And how sensible is banning artificial insemination? Do these people realize how dangerous the natural process of increasing their cattle herds is? This is the most humane way for reproduction. And killing mice and rats will be a crime?

Every meat processing plant will be closed, because it will be illegal to kill animals for food, only if they have died from natural causes. So we will be forced to purchase meat from out of state. How is this helping our economy?

Yes, Evan Kruse, this is “absurd.” It’s also ridiculous, and asinine. I can bet the fine residents of Douglas County will never vote Initiative Petition 13 anywhere near the ballot. And then we need to deal with the rest of our screwed-up state.

Sign me, Ready to leave Oregon.

Carla Rutter


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This initiative is absurd. But if certain individuals are to get so vexed and exercised that they decide to quit the county or quit the state over it, well, bless their hearts.


Has this silly measure even collected enough signatures to get on the ballot?


I kill rats/mice with my cats - is that going to be illegal, too???


Idaho is waiting for you.

I agree this is a stupid initiative put forward by a few vegans. But you sure put forward a funny response.

D Steel

At least everyone gets a good laugh! The extremes are an ever present source of humor.

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