I never did think that the Indian mascot fit Roseburg. Most of the Umpqua's were wiped out by disease prior to settlement here. I think Timber Beasts would be a better fit. It's unique, fits our region, and hopefully is not politically offensive to anyone.

What I think doesn't matter. What matters is what the students want. The students should vote on it. They should make the decision regarding their mascot. After all, the school is for the students, and it should be their decision, and theirs alone. The teachers, coaches, and school board should back up that decision, because the students were either proud to be associated with such remarkable people and kept the mascot, or out of compassion for a few, chose something else. Either way it would be an honorable decision easily explained by those that need to give an explanation.

If the Indian mascot is to be dropped, there should be no arrows, arrowheads, feathers or other symbolic signs that could be associated or construed to be connected to the former Indian mascot in any way. The break should be absolutely complete.

Don Wilson


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[love]I actually love the name Timber Beasts. Very clever. There are many other available names. My high school team name was changed by the adults when the term became widely used as local slang for both a sex act and the male appendage. If given the chance to vote, the students would have overwhelmingly hung onto the slang term because, you know, teenagers. We all lived through it and in retrospect I'm glad I'm not a former floppy bit.


Nope, nope, not commenting on this one.


Yep, yep, I've been called THAT and worse and we all lived to tell the tale.[beam]


Whatever are you speaking to? I literally had to stop my imagine from trying to figure it out and think of more descriptive names since Beasts is such a general term. Lynx, Bobcats, Cougars, Bears, right down to owls, racoons, nutria (nutria?) Go Roseburg Nutria! I'm thinking maybe the students really could decide on a better mascot. Oh yeah, and have a nice day. [smile]

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