Let us clear up a couple of things, Bud Long.

1. Lawyers are not taught to lie for their clients. To do so is unethical and can result in loss of one's license to practice law.

2. I have no evidence of Nancy Pelosi being untruthful and clearly you don't either.

3. Judge not, my friend, lest you be judged.

Daniel Robertson


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Thank God you were never my lawyer Mike. Honesty is the most important part of being a lawyer. The Big Lie lawyers should be disbarred


Wholeheartedly agree with you on all counts. My only reason for pursuing a law degree was to sue other lawyers for their malpractice.


Thank you Daniel, that was succinct and to the point. I don't know Bud Long, but I'm going to venture that he chooses to listen and follow rather than to question and learn. And depending on his age and cognitive ability I suspect he isn't about to change. Spewing nonsensical lies is just who some people are. Now there's always the very remote possibility that Bud could offer proof about his angry allegation toward the Speak of the House, but no one should hold their breath until that happens. Personally I roll my eyes and sigh whispering "First Amendment".


As a person who attended law school, I can assure you lawyers are indeed trained to do what is necessary, including lying, to defend their client. Look no further than all of the recent law suits supporting the BIG LIE. Your argument lost credibility as soon as you suggested ethics guide lawyer's actions.

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