I have been reviewing the recall campaign for the Winston-Dillard school district.

I appreciate what the proponents are saying: That it isn’t personal, it’s a referendum on Gov. Kate Brown’s executive orders. The argument that removing two votes favoring Gov. Brown’s mandates, and replacing them with two who will oppose them, checks out logically.

Unfortunately, I’ve read on social media the defense’s position: Calling petitioner Jasmine Geyer names and trying to brand her personally.

Mr. West and Mr. Stookey need to prove they’re right. If it’s in the best interest of Winston-Dillard parents and kids to quietly obey Kate Brown’s directives, tell us why. Maybe there’s new information that COVID-19 is particularly dangerous to those 18 and under? Maybe there’s insider reasons?

For now, it seems to me that districts have to start rising up against this governor.

Derek Brown


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It is interesting that references to Derek Brown, the Letter to the Editor author, being related to Jasmine Geyer and Belinda Geyer-Brown keep being deleted.


It's "interesting" that you located the information that drew you to that logical conclusion -- thanks for that.

Docs keep saying that masks help to isolate/reduce the inadvertent spread of the virus...kids keep saying most don't really mind wearing them in class. These two "Citizens against Tyranny" seem more "Citizens for Anarchy" if you ask me.

Regardless, they offer zero suggestions and are mostly just noisemakers. Speaking of noise, just wait until (or if) Oregon implements the same vaccination requirements for in-class attendance as California just did -- we'll find out who really gives a rip about the health of students.


A search on Google indicates Derek Brown, the author of this Letter to the Editor, is related to Belinda Geyer-Brown, the author of yesterday’s Letter to the Editor titled, “Recall school board members Brian West and Kurt Stookey.” Derek Brown the owner of local hobby store also appears to be related to recently elected Winston-School Board member Jasmine Geyer who is the petitioner seeking recall the Chairman and Vice Chair of the School Board.

Nothing like getting the whole family to send in Letters to the Editor using different names in support of radicalism.

This appears to be how Derek and Belinda operate by frequently posting on social media messages in support of each other while using two separate names; Derek Brown and Belinda Geyer.

In 2018, an on-line article indicated the Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill 558, dubbed "Cover All Kids." It allocated $36 million in general fund dollars to the Oregon Health Authority to expand eligibility requirements for Oregon youths. And it did so while changing the definition of "eligible" from "lawfully present" youths to include any children who resident in Oregon. The bill championed by Gov. Brown drew BIPARTISAN support in the legislature.

Belinda Guyer-Brown commented to the article stating, “I hope you morons that voted for her are happy empty wallets for Oregon bankruptcy in its future.”

Further proving Belinda Guyer cares little for the plight of children.


Huge bbfan

If you'll notice, governor Brown's mandates and executive orders haven't slowed the virus one little bit. Maybe, and I'm just spit balling here, we need to try a more intelligent plan than the one we've been on.


If you can't see the truth at this point in time, then there is no hope for you. Vaccination is the easiest, cheapest, most effective action.

Without vaccination, you need to follow basic simple precautions -- everyone knows what they are by now -- but too many refuse to make the effort. Some, like the dynamic duo of Jasmin Geyer and Derek Brown, are doing a great job of employing those spit balls you seem fond of; how intelligent/productive is that plan?

Without effort, the virus will continue to infect the unvaccinated...leaving you with dumb luck and other uncaring folks as your best friends.


Oh, Huge bbfan, I'm sure you mean well, but you really don't know what's going on.

The governor lifted her statewide mandates on June 30. She turned it all over to the county commissioners. Did you know that?

At that time, Douglas County had the best record for a county with over 100,000 population in the state and one of the best records in the nation for controlling covid. We were the champions.

Within two weeks of the governor lifting the statewide mandates and handing control to the commissioners, Douglas County experienced a huge surge in cases and deaths and it is continuing until the present. Cases are down, but still way too high. Deaths are so high the county had to set up temporary morgues.

The governor mandated mask wearing again. None of the other mandates. Our commissioners and sheriff have said they will not enforce mandates of any kind and the commissioners will not allow any county employee to involve themselves in any way. If you go around town you'll see that a large number of people are ignoring the mask mandate. Schools are fighting over it.

We have far too few vaccinated people, far too few people taking any kind of precautions. We are in crisis. That's because there are no enforced mandates at all in Douglas County. None. The governor said wear masks. The county commissioners and sheriff said not their thing, do as you please. That's the local plan. Do. As. You. Please.

We had a record-breaking 81 deaths in September. Please tell us the more intelligent plan you have in mind because right now whatever the Douglas County Commissioners are doing isn't working.

Double-checking here: You are aware that the governor gave local control back to the commissioners, right? Governor Brown's mandates were working, but she rescinded them when the state neared 70 percent vaccination. Unfortunately, we're down below 50 percent. The commissioners demanded local control. They got it and people are dying.

Give us your plan!


Douglas County now has the WORST Covid death record for a county with over 100,000 population in the state. Douglas County currently has 196.9 deaths per 100,000 residents. The next highest is Jackson County with 124.9 deaths per 100,000 residents.


Correct. We went from being the county with the very best record on June 30 to being the county with the worst record 3 months later. We're not only the worst county in Oregon, during the past 3 months we've been on the list of most concerning counties in the country.

All of that coincides with the Governor lifting state mandates and giving the commissioners in each county local control to manage covid as they thought best.


How do you know it hasn't slowed the spread of the virus? What is your evidence other than you don't like the Governor. Other counties are doing much better than ours probably because they were more compliant and less stomping their feet and complaining.


Looks to me like they are trying to recall the wrong board member.


"The rise in infections has led to an increase in the number of pediatric hospitalizations. About 200 Idaho children have been hospitalized since the start of the pandemic, she said, even though COVID-19 illness in children is often less severe than in adults. Some have suffered from post-infection inflammation in the heart, lungs, kidneys and brain, requiring treatment in an ICU.

-Idaho Mountain Express 10/1/2021"

Citizens for Tyranny wants to incorporate Douglas County into Idaho...the state without mandates for masks or vaccines, where people are dying in huge numbers, all in the name of freedumb.


Derek Brown, I don't think you are judge and jury of this issue.

Today, California made vaccination mandatory for all in-person school attendance...I'm betting it'll soon be true for Oregon as well, and I'm visualizing your head turning red, ears smoking, and I'm wondering when the explosion will happen. As issues go, this is more a mole hill than a mountain, but to some small people it might look like a mountain. Are you that little person? I bet you are!


Having listened to the last two school board meetings for WDSD, Brian is going through proper channels regarding the mandates. If you are going to claim that something is unconstitutional, we have a method for either confirming or denying that with our judicial system. Brian has been working with the district attorney(s) to see what options are available. Just screaming that something is unconstitutional doesn't make it so. We live in a society with checks and balances, but we have to avail ourselves of those, rather than just frothing at the mouth. It might behoove Mrs. Geyer to attend one of the US government classes at Douglas to fully understand how our country works.


Newly elected Winston-Dillard School Board member Jasmine Geyer is the petitioner seeking recall of School Board Chairman Brian West and Vice-Chair Curt Stookey.

Jasmine Geyer, owner of Geyer Construction Construction also happens to be the Secretary and Board Member for Citizens for Tyranny (below link), the group of businesses led by Senator Dallas Heard who doxxes old ladies in blood and threatened elected officials with recall if they didn’t support their opposition to Covid restrictions and vaccinations.

Unlike the other Winston-Dillard School Board members, outspoken Covid restriction critic and conspiracy theorist Jasmine Guyer does NOT have children who attend Winston-Dillard schools. As such, this has nothing to do with kids. This is all about Geyer’s own radicalism which unlike other family stakeholders, does not impact her own family.

Did Winston-Dillard voters really know what they were getting themselves into when they recently elected Jasmine Geyer as a School Board Member? I guess we’ll soon find out.



And Derek Brown, the author of this Letter to the Editor is related to Belinda Guyer-Brown and recently elected Winston-Dillard School Board Member Jasmine Guyer who is seeking to recall both the Chairman and Vice Chair of the school board.


Oh, please. Mr. West and Mr. Stookey don't need to prove anything. This is a misuse of the recall process for purely political reasons. It's an appalling misuse of our American ideals to officially accuse someone of wrongdoing and then demanding they have to prove themselves right.




At the expense of your children and educators?

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