Bud Long (Talking dog story, March 24 letter to the editor, The News-Review) has doggedly hung on to his hatred of a powerful and effective woman leader, Nancy Pelosi. With shaggy dog story after shaggy dog story, Mr. Long and others have tried to demean Ms. Pelosi.

Well, Mr. Long, I can tell you that you are just chasing your tail. After more than four years of living with the most untruthful leader in American history, we know a wagging tail when we see it and we are dog tried of it. Y'all are simply barking up the wrong tree.

Daniel Robertson


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Meanwhile, at the cost of $10s of million Donnie was golfing in between tweets. Paragon of virtue indeed - it will all disappear - 530,000 dead. With virtue like that who needs evil?


Nancy Pelosi......let’s see, oh, she’s the one who in March of 2020, just as the covid pandemic was unfolding told SanFranciscans to come on down to Chinatown and mingle. She’s the one who told us to wear masks and stay away from hair salons and then was caught in a hair salon without a mask. Oh, that’s right, it was a setup,...uh huh. Then, when 16 million people were thrown out of work and forced to stay home because of the covid hoax, old Nancy did a TV interview telling us all how she was roughing it out by eating $14 a pt ice cream while standing in front of one of her two $10,000 freezers. Trump is a paragon of virtue compared to that corrupt, idiotic, self-absorbed witch.


The Big Liar has taught you well. I believe it's number 7 in the Republican Handbook - blame to other side for what you're doing. Blame them often, every day, all day, as deflecting blame plentifully causes those of weak mind to adopt the practice as if it's what necessary to be a Republican. The difference between your dear and fluffy liar and Nancy Pelosi is that she takes responsibility for what she does while your dear and fluffy quietly cut 19% of the funding from the CDC since he had no intention of addressing Covid-19, you know, that deadly virus "hoax" that's killed over 545,000 people to date, even killing (gasp) Republicans! The Big Liar was spewing his lies about the deadly virus every day: https://www.factcheck.org/2020/03/trumps-statements-about-the-coronavirus/ -- Your issue seems to be that Nancy Pelosi exists. Could it be you're just an old fashioned misogynist? They grow here prolifically. Hair Gropenfuhrer spread the seeds of misogyny and Republicans of your stripe are very fertile in adapting to it. Ah, the New Republican.


After reading some of these mis-guided comments, I had to check the bottom of my shoes.


Might not be your shoes -- you might be smelling Trump's middle finger -- he's had it up the GOP elephant' you-know-where for over five years now. He's not going to wash it until suckers quit sending him free money.


[thumbup],Daniel, [thumbup]


Daniel, exactly. After reading that Bud Long letter, I had to check my shoes; seemed like I had stepped in something.


You probably did and now you just put your foot in your mouth

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